IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Basic Concepts & Introduction Tutorials

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Basic Tutorials

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) is enhanced Enterprise level data protection software that expedites operational and disaster recovery. TSM offers centralized, automated data protection to help reduce the risks associated with data loss. This highly scalable software helps you manage more data with less infrastructure and simplified administration. Tivoli Storage Manager automates data backup and restore functions and centralizes storage management operations. It offers following features. In this page you will find the basic concepts of TSM and L1 & L2 level TSM administrator daily activities and tasks. 
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IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Basic Concepts & Introduction Tutorials

Chapter 1: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Basic Introduction and Overview

1.1 IBM TSM V7 Server Components Introduction

1.2 IBM TSM V7 Backup and Archive Functions and Features Introduction

1.3 IBM TSM V7 Product Family Overview

Chapter 2: Installation and Configuration of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Components

Chapter 3: Managing TSM DB2 Database and Recovery Log

Chapter 4: TSM Storage Pools Overview

Chapter 5: Managing client data in Storage Pools

Chapter 6: Managing Physical Storage Devices in TSM

Chapter 7: TSM Policy Management Overview

Chapter 8: Configuring TSM BA Client

Chapter 9: Using TSM BA Client for taking backup and archive

Chapter 10:  Protecting TSM Database and Storage Pools

Chapter 11: Scheduling or Automating tasks in TSM

Chapter 12: Monitoring and Event Logging TSM Server

TSM Server Configuration & Administration

          TSM Installation and Configuration on Windows

          TSM Installation and Configuration on AIX & UNIX

          TSM Servers and Tape Library Sharing in SAN Environment

          TSM Server Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting

          Tivoli Storage Manager Video Tutorials Youtube Playlist


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          1. very very usefull in our environment

          2. Thanks Anil !… very much appreciate your hard work and sharing….

          3. To understand how TSM work in a Corporate environment, use this Simulator :


            First JS simulator to understand how environment plays an imporatant role in TSM backups

          4. hi anil where to download tsm server i want to install my pc. please help me ...

          5. hi anil where to download tsm server i want to install my pc. please help me ....

          6. please share tsm server download details

          7. You can download on my site only the download tab on top

          8. in case of schedule missed and on checking erro logs if we find warning,error,which need to be considered here anil anna

          9. This is a nice tutorial. Do you have a pdf version of this for me to print and read..

          10. y no updates??

          11. you are genius buddy keep it bro

          12. U can download through Passport advantage site and the tsm server file name is:

          13. Hi Anil recommended download option is IBM site..

          14. HI Guys,

            My friend having TSM 7.1.3 and TS3100 library which has 14 scratch tape and 1 dbbackup tape,

            He wants to make daily full backup which like below setup is that possible

            Monday –tape 1

            Tuesday –tape 2

            Wednesday –tape3

            Thursday–tape 4

            Friday–tape 5

            Saturday–tape 6

            Sunday–tape 7

            All are different tape which he will be use tapes every week like rotation

          15. If different backups will have differnet filespace names, then try using collocation=filespace option. But this is waste of tape resources.

          16. Hi Anil,

            Looks like you have removed donwload link for TSM server/client from your blog. Really appreciate if you provide the link to download them

            1. Hi Vj,

              I have updated the menu list with the download links... Please check again...all the best..

          17. can you tell me the data center location

          18. Hi Sir,

            I am not able to see the link for tsm recovery on different hardware. Please suggest.

            1. Different hardware and different OS or same OS. What is the requirement ?

          19. Hi,

            I have doubt. DB team used DB catalog and deleted the old backup pieces using RMAN catalogue.
            But the pieces were not deleted in TSM. Hence we used the TSM cmd and ran tdposync syncdb command with DB catalog and deleted the backup pieces which are in TSM and not in catalog. Now we rechecked in TSM q occ and found no backup pieces and we realized that we used wrong catalog. Now how can we restore the backups which we deleted. We have the backup pieces list in hand which gathered before deletion. Will it helpful in restoring the backups? Can we restore the backups?

            1. Hi,

              try to restore individual backup pieces, am not sure it will work.

              once you delete is a delete from the tsm db and storage. you cannot restore it back. But if you have copy storage pools in another location and reusedelay option enabled, you can stop the reclamation process and try to restore data but still the old tsm db must be restored on another tsm server. This is a long and tiring process.

              otherwise, if node replication is enabled and second tsm server has different policy settings you can restore it.

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          21. Can you share the steps to install IBM spectrum protect 8.1 on windows 2012 r2