AIX basic Tutorials and command hints

1) What is IBM AIX ?

2) How to Login and Logout of AIX Operating System

3) Directory and Filesystem Structure

4) Working with Files and Directories 

5) Working with Vi editor in AIX

6) Troubleshooting Hardware issues

7) System and Software Maintenance commands 

8) User profile creation and administration commands

9) Compressing and Archiving files and directories

10) Managing files and directories

11) Editing or modifying a text file using Vi editor

12) Tape utility and scripting commands

13) Commands for troubleshooting network issues in AIX

14) Commands to create new volume group VG in AIX

15) Listing open files in AIX

16) Troubleshooting booting problems in AIX 

17) Redirecting the output in AIX

18) Overview of Access Control List (ACL) in AIX

19) Changing permissions and ownership of files and directories in AIX

20) Frequently used AIX commands
21) IBM AIX Kernel and AIX Hardware commands

22) Logical Volume Manager(LVM) Commands

23) Networking and Performance Monitoring Commands

24) Different types of file systems supported by AIX 

25) Use of no and ODM commands in AIX Servers

26) Hardware and device management commands 

27) Network Configuration commands in AIX

28) Types of AIX error logs and commands to query the error logs

29)  Logical Volume Manager (LVM) basic commands

30) Monitoring system and CPU memory utilization and performance

31) How to know AIX system configuration and users information

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