User profiles administration commands

AIX User administration commands

  • mkuser Creates a new user
    • smitty mkuser
  • passwd Creates or changes the password of a user
  • chuser Changes user attributes (except password)
  • lsuser Lists user attributes
  • rmuser Removes a user and its attributes
  • chsec Changes security related stanzas
  • login Initiates a user session
  • who Identifies the users currently logged in
  • dtconfig Enables or disables the desktop autostart feature

AIX User administration files

  • /etc/security/environ Contains the environment attributes for users
  • /etc/security/lastlog Contains the last login attributes for users
  • /etc/security/limits Contains process resource limits for users
  • /etc/security/user Contains extended attributes for users
  • /usr/lib/security/mkuser.default Contains the default attributes for new users
  • /usr/lib/security/mkuser.sys Customizes new user accounts
  • /etc/passwd Contains the basic attributes of users
  • /etc/security/passwd Contains password information
  • /etc/security/login.cfg Contains configuration information for login and user authentication
  • /etc/utmp Contains the record of users logged into the system
  • /var/adm/wtmp Contains connect time accounting records
  • /etc/security/failedlogin Records all failed login attempts
  • /etc/motd Contains the message to be displayed every time a user logs in to the system
  • /etc/environment Specifies the basic environment for all processes
  • /etc/profile Specifies additional environment settings for all users
  • $HOME/.profile Specifies environment settings for specific user needs
  • /etc/group Contains the basic attributes of groups
  • /etc/security/group Contains the extended attributes of groups

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