Troubleshooting hardware issues in AIX Operating System

Use the below commands to troubleshoot any hardware related issues in AIX operating system. The most frequently used command by many AIX adminisrators to find any hardware related issues in the errpt command. errpt command will reprort all  the hardware errors in that system.
  • lsdev Displays devices on the system and their characteristics
    • lsdev -Cc adapter Display information about adapter
    • lsdev -Cc disk Display information about disk
    • lsdev -c | grep ent Display information about netwok adaptater
  • lsvg Diplays information on a volume group
    • lsvg -o Displays volume group active
    • lsvg -l rootvg Displays the status of disks
  • lspv Displays information about a physical volume within a volume group
    • lspv hdisk0
  • mkvg Creates a volume group
    • mkvg -y datavg hdisk1 hdisk2
  • lsfs Displays the filesystems and their characteristics
  • lsattr Displays information about the attributes of a given device
    • lsattr -El sys0 -a realmem (amount of ram)
  • cfgmgr command is used to onfigure devices and, optionally, install device software into the system
  • mkdev To create a new device
    • mkdev -vadapter vhost2 -vdev hdisk17 -dev disk17_data
  • rmdev To delete a device
    • rmdev -d1 scraid1 To delete scraid1 device
    • rmdev -l pdisk8 To change the device state from Available to Defined
    • rmdev -l pdisk8 -d To delete pdisk8 device
  • fsck To make a file check after a disk problem
    • fsck -y /dev/fslv00 Check disk without prompting
  • lsmcode Displays microcode and firmware levels of the systemTo make a file check after a disk problem
  • fuser Identifies processes using a file or a file structure
    • fuser /etc/passwd
    • fuser -c /home/ See all the PID using the ressource
  • lsvgfs Display a list of file systems belonging to a volume group
    • lsvgfs rootvg      

      Diagnosing Hardware Problems in AIX

    • errpt command to retrieve an error record from the error log (errpt -a)
  • errclear to delete entries from the error log (errclear -0)
  • diag command is the starting point to run a wide choice of tasks and service aids that are used to perform hardware problem determination
  • To log system messages, AIX uses syslogd. The syslogd daemon reads a atagram socket and sends each message line to a destination described by the /etc/syslog.conf configuration file.
    • to start it use startsrc -s syslogd
    • to stop it use stopsrc -s syslogd
    • to see if the service is running use ps -ef | grep syslogd 
  • snap To make an image for the system configuration for the support
    • snap -r To supress the old snap
    • snap -gc To create a snap for the support

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