Commands to check AIX system configuration and users information

How to check the AIX server Configuration details

  • Find the OS, (ML/)TL (-r), and service pack version / date (-s) 
                  oslevel -r ⇐or⇒ oslevel -s
  • List all attributes of system
                  getconf -a
  • Find the type of kernel loaded (use -a to get all options)
                  getconf KERNEL BITMODE
          bootinfo and getconf can return much of the same information, getconf returns more                 and has the grepable -a option.

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  • Find the level of firmware on a system 
                    invscout ⇐or⇒ lscfg -pv
  • List all attributes for the kernel “device”
                    lsattr -El sys0
  • Print a “dump” of system information
  • Get all page sizes supported on this system
                    pagesize -a

How to query users and groups in AIX

  • List all settings for root user in grepable format 
                    lsuser -f root
  • List just the user names
                   lsuser -a id ALL | sed ’s/ id.*$//’
  • Find the fsize value for user wfavorit
                     lsuser -a fsize wfavorit
  • Change the fsize value for user wfavorit
                     chuser fsize=-1 wfavorit

(/usr)/bin/sh and (/usr)/bin/ksh are the same file. Use bsh for the Bourne shell.

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How to query installed software packages in AIX

  • List all files in fileset.
                    lslpp -f
  • Find out what fileset “fortune” belongs to.
                    lslpp -w /usr/games/fortune
  • List packages that are above the current OS level
                   oslevel -g
  • Find packages below a specified (ML/)TL
                    oslevel -rl 5300-05
  • List all filesets
                     lslpp -L
  • List all filesets in a grepable or awkable format
                    lslpp -Lc
  • Find the package that contains the filemon utility
                   which -fileset filemon
  • Install the database (from CD/DVD) for which fileset
                   installp -ac -d /dev/cd0 bos.content list
  • Create a mksysb backup of the rootvg volume group
                   mksysb -i /mnt/server1.mksysb.‘date +%m%d%y‘
  • Cleanup after a failed install
                   installp -C

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