Latest IBM AIX scenario based interview questions

Hello All, Below are the latest AIX Interview Questions asked by IBM collected from different people. Please find the  answers by yourself instead of asking someone and mugging them up.

IBM AIX Interview Questions

  1. How will you convert the jfs filesystem to jfs2 filesystem?
  2. What procedure do you follow while migration?
  3. Nimadm consist of how many steps?
  4. What is difference between Etherchannel and link aggregation?
  5. In Ether channel one switch goes bad, what happen?
  6. In Link aggregation one adapter goes bad, what happen?
  7. Where you can find user limits?
  8. How to know Ethernet adapter is 2 port or 4 port?
  9. When user login first time what are the files should be updated?
  10. How to delete the datavg already we have a backup?
  11. What are the prerequisites for client while doing  migration by using nimadm? 
  12. While increasing the filesystem its throws an error?
  13. Normal vg creation command?
  14. What is quorum?
  15. Vg contents what like vgda?
  16. How to see the IP address of the server?
  17. If issue an ifconfig command can you see the subnetmask ?
  18. What is uid and gid?
  19. Lv name consist how many max characters?
  20. While doing ftp its not allowing more than 3GB, what might be the reason?
  21. How to change the fsize of the user?
  22. If in vg first pv is failed, if we reboot the server, it will boot or not, in case of mirrored vg?
  23. TL upgrade? 
  24. Is downtime is required to update TL? 
  25. Have you done migration in your environment? 
  26. What are the pre-cautions have to take before migration?
  27. After migration how do you know migration is successful or not?
  28. How do you know backup will work or not which was taken before migration ?
  29. Auto mount file which file read ?
  30. How to set password never expire ?
  31. How will rename your datavgname ?
  32. One file system mounted in nfs one client can read another cant write anything what is the reason ?
  33. What is the configuration file for paging device ?
  34. What is Aduit file and location ?
  35. How activate the paging.
  36. What is sysdump. 
  37. How do configure the primary dump.
  38. How you delete the sysdump.
  39. what is the meaning histsize,account_locked,rlogin attribute in /etc/security/user? 
  40. maxage=13 menas how long the the user can user the passwd?
  41. what is mean by wwpn number? how will u see that?
  42. Differnce b/w etherchannel and link aggregation? 
  43. once tl updation completed if it is not expected level means what will u do? 
  44. Diference b/w normal vg ,big vg ,scallable vg? 
  45. LVM structure? 
  46. how to create the filesystems?how will u proceed? 
  47. lv types? 
  48. You have one BIG vg..which having 1016 pv.u trying to add one more pv, is it posiible to add one more pv?
  49. How will create user?
  50. stanza for /etc/passwd?and will it contain?
  51. stanza for /etc/security/password?
  52. how will create normal vg and meny pv"s having normal vg?
  53. how meny types vg's?
  54. is it reqiuere downtime to change normal to scalable vg and what will u do?
  55. how will u see mac addres?
  56. have done TL upgradation tell me the prequisets ?
  57. how many types of lv's in aix?
  58. how types of vg in aix?
  59. how meny pv's having scalable vg?
  60. how will change pp size in vg how will do this activity?
  61. why your using dump device?
  62. How will you convert normal vg to big vg ?
  63. How will you conform a vg is normal or big vg and scalable vg?
  64. What is the significance of t-factor?
  65. How will you convert jfs type filesystem to jfs2 type filesystem?
  66. How will you unmirror rootvg?
  67. How will you reduce pv in the vg?
  68. How many types of vg’s are there?
  69. How many types of vg’s are there?
  70. what is the max filesystem size of jfs?
  71. How will you change the limits?
  72. Tell about /etc/passwd and /etc/security/passwd?
  73. How to clear the boot record of pv?
  74. How will you set the boot record?
  75. How will you see the boot bevice?
  76. How will you see the bootlist order?
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  1. Oracle 9i is running after migration from 5.3 to 6.1 application people is not able to access what is the reason?
  2. One file  with data 10GB  exits I reduced 5GB  still it has showing 7GB?
  3. There are 4 pv’s in a vg , which pv’s are got corrupted how would you conform and how will resolve this ?
  4. One PV is showing as a missing state in a vg how will you recover it?
  5. I have a pv with 1 TB (1024 GB), I want to create  a normal vg by using this pv,  how much PP size it will take, explain this scenario? 
  6. While restoring the mksysb of one server into another new server, ip address and hostname conflicts are occurred, how will you proceed?
  7. We have 4 lpars with same vlan , but sea is not configured, what will happen?
  8. How to remove 1 PV form VG consist of 10 PVs data spread over 10 PVs
  9. Oracle 9i is running after migration from 5.3 to 6.1 application people is not able to access what is the reason?
  10. One file  with data 10GB  exits I reduced 5GB  still it has showing 7GB?
  11. In NPIV 4 port adapter and one port is fails, how do replace the adapter.

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