Types of TSM Server Interfaces - Video Tutorials

Install the Tivoli Storage Manager server software on the computer that manages storage devices and install the Tivoli Storage Manager client software on every workstation that transfers data to Tivoli Storage Manager server-managed storage.

Types of TSM Server Interfaces

Administration Center
The Administration Center is a web-based interface for centrally configuring and managing IBM Tivoli Storage Manager servers. It provides wizards to help guide you through common configuration tasks. Properties notebooks allow you to modify settings and perform advanced management tasks

The Administration Center is installed as an IBM Tivoli Integrated Portal component. The Tivoli Integrated Portal allows you to install components that are provided by multiple IBM applications and access them from a single interface.

Operations Center 
The IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Operations Center is a web-based user interface for monitoring your storage management environment. You can use the Operations Center to identify potential issues at a glance, manage alerts, and access the Tivoli Storage Manager command line.

The Administration Center interface is also available, but the Operations Center is the preferred monitoring interface.

Command-line interfaces
Tivoli Storage Manager provides several different command-line interfaces. The interface you choose depends on the tasks that you want to perform and accessibility. Tivoli Storage Manager provides three command-line interfaces:
  • Administrative command-line client
  • Server console
  • Administration Center command line
The administrative command-line client is a program that runs on a file server, workstation, or mainframe. It is installed as part of the Tivoli Storage Manager server installation process. With the administrative client, you can issue any server commands. In this below video use of the command line and GUI interfaces for Tivoli Storage Manager 6.4 are described and demonstrated.

Compared to the administrative client, the capabilities of the server console are limited. For example, you cannot issue certain commands from the server console, and you cannot specify that certain commands process before other commands can be issued. (This procedure can be useful if, for example, you want to run two commands in quick succession.) Furthermore, because the server console is a command-line window on the system on which the server is installed, you must be physically located at the server system to use the console. The administrative client can be accessed remotely from a different location. You cannot route commands to other servers from the server console.

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The Administration Center is a Web-based, task-oriented interface for centrally configuring and managing Tivoli Storage Manager servers. The Administration Center provides a command-line interface that you can use if necessary. For example, you might want to use the command-line interface to perform Tivoli Storage Manager functions that are limited or not supported in the Administration Center. Using the command line in the Administration Center, you can issue any server commands.

Server scripts provide for automation of common administrative tasks. A macro is a file that contains one or more Tivoli Storage Manageradministrative commands. When you issue the MACRO command, the server processes all commands in the macro file in order, including commands contained in any nested macros.

Below Video Demonstrates different kinds of Query commands usefull in TSM Server.

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