Troubleshooting booting problems in AIX

  • lsvg -l rootvg
Display if a hard drive is bootable
  • ipl_varyon -i
Display and alters the list of boot devices available to the system
  • bootlist -m normal hdisk0
 Create boot image
  • bosboot -ad /dev/hdisk0
Create boot image, the boot record, and the service record
  • mkboot -a -d /dev/hdisk0
Changes the characteristics of physical volume in a volume group
  • chpv -c hdisk0
Synchronizes or rebuilds the logical volume control block
  • synclvodm rootvg hd5
See detailled information about a volume
  • lqueryvg -Avtp hdisk0
Display attribute characteristics and possible values of attributes for devices
  • lsaltr -El hdisk90

Recreating the boot logical volume

After booting from CD, tape or NIM an Installation and Maintenance Menu  is shown and you can startup the maintenance mode. After accessing the  rootvg, you can repair the boot logical volume with the bosboot  command. You need to specify the corresponding disk device, for example  hdisk0: 

bosboot -ad /dev/hdisk0

It is important that you do a proper shutdown. All changes need to be  written from memory to disk. The bosboot command requires that the boot  logical volume (hd5) exists. 

If you ever need to re-create the BLV from scratch, maybe it had been  deleted by mistake or the LVCB of hd5 has been damaged, the following  steps should be followed: 

1. Boot your machine in maintenance mode (from CD or tape (F5 or 5) or  use (F1 or 1) to access the Systems Management Services (SMS) to select boot device).

2. Remove the old hd5 logical volume.

# rmlv hd5 

3. Clear the boot record at the beginning of the disk.

# chpv -c hdisk0

4. Create a new hd5 logical volume: one physical partition in size, must be in rootvg and outer edge as intrapolicy. Specify boot as logical   volume type.

# mklv -y hd5 -t boot -a e rootvg 1 

5. Run the bosboot command as described on the visual.

# bosboot -ad /dev/hdisk0

6. Check the actual boot list.

# bootlist -m normal -o 

7. Write data immediately to disk.

# sync
# sync

Boot an AIX from NIM and HMC - boot problem

  • Define the machine on NIM
  • smitty NIM
    • Perform NIM Adimistration Tasks
    • Manage Machines
    • Define a machine
      • NIM Machine Name (machine name)
      • Machine Type (standalone)
      • Hardware Platform Type (chrp)
      • Cable Type (bnc)
      • NIM Network (Nim network Name)
      • Host Name (host name)
      • Network Adapter Hardware (Network Adapter Adress)
        • The network adress can be found booting in SMS Mode -Setup Remote IPL
    • Perform NIM AdministrationTasks
    • Manage Machines
    • Perform Operations on Machines
    • Machine name
    • maint_boot = enable a machine to boot in maintenance mode
    • SPOT (spot name)
  • Boot from HMC in maintenance Mode
    • In advanced option boot on SMS
    • Choose open a terminal
      • 5. Select Boot Options
      • 1. Select Instal/Boot device
      • 6. Network
      • 1. Virtual Ethernet
      • 3. Normal Mode Boot
      • 1. Access a Root Volume Group
      • 2) Volume Group....
      • 2) Access this Volume Group and start a shell before mounting filesystems
      • Also you can make some intervention on disk
        • fsck -y /dev/hd1
        • mount /dev/hd1

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