IBM AIX Virtual I/O Server VIOS interview questions

Latest Interview Questions (Aug 2013) by IBM, India on AIX VIOS and some scenario & troubleshooting based questions.

Virtual I/O Server (VIOS) Interview Questions :

  1. How will you see the HMC version?
  2. I have HMC, how will I get the # prompt through HMC?
  3. What you are checking before doing LPM?
  4. From which Power VM onwards LPM will supports? Is it support for P7 core also?
  5. what is the purpose of share attributes in vio's?
  6. What is use of user limits file?
  7. How will you see the wwpn number for running lpar?
  8. How will you see the wwpn number of new lpar?
  9. For new lpar how many wwpn number you can find how many wwpn no.s? why they are used for it?
  10. What are the precautions for vios upgradation?
  11. While creating the virtual Ethernet adapter for SEA what we have to select for that adapter?
  12. In dual vio  which is primary? How to know?
  13. After up gradation of vios lpar showing some pv are in missing. To avoid that how will you configure it?
  14. If ha_mode is sharing what will happen?
  15. In dual vios for sea adapter ha_mode ? 
  16. what is control channel?
  17. if  vio server has 4 sea howmany control channels are required? 
  18. The adapters which are going into  participate sea have to select check box of one of the field, what is that? 
  19. why we have select access external network?
  20. how can you increase max processing units value in caped mode? 
  21. npiv configuration? 
  22. which wwpn will you share with storage team?
  23. what is the vlan id for the control channel? 
  24. how will you see wwpn numbers after npiv configuration? 
  25. how to move I/O adapter which is in desired mode from one lpar to another lpar
  26. what are the demons for DLPAR
  27. how to check the DLPAR is working or not
  28. what is capped
  29. what is uncapped
  30. What is virtual processor?
  31. how to create hmc user
  32. how to login into pesh shell in hmc
  33. what is hscpe in hmc
  34. What is virtual process?
  35. What is capped and uncapped? 
  36. What is a micro partition? 
  37. What is a virtual memory?

VIOS Scenario & Troubleshooting based Interview Questions :

  1. In one ASMI one lpar is there,  I want to move the same lpar but it has different ASMI, how will you do it? Down time is required ?
  2. In the above scenario I don’t want downtime then how will you do it?
  3. In one core my lpar is created with dedicated processor, then it is possible to move to other core by using LPM?
  4. By using command line in HMC console the lpar is able to open but through GUI  I cant able to open then how can you troubleshoot it?
  5. One lpar have 3.5 cpu limits as a desired value when iam going to do dlpar from 3.5 to 4 it showing error like u cannot increase this value whatis the reason?
  6. If one lpar has 3.5 cpu limits how many minimum and and maximum virtual processors required?

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