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  1. Hi Anil,
    I have seen many of the TSM tutorials that you have posted on Youtube. Very helpful. Thanks for them.

    1 question. I am using Operation Center to manage my TSM 7.1. 5 setup. Can you tell if there is a way to make Tape library and drive definition in the Operation Center GUI ? I have used the Command Builder utility to create that. However doing it from GUI would be an easier option.

    Also, can you point me to any tutorial, that mentions the differences between TSM Administator Center and Operation Center, and why is it advantages to use Operation Center for the latest versions of TSM.


    1. I know it is a late reply but just in case if you needed it still.

      Admin center is stopped from V6.3.4 and IBM introduced operation centre for next versions. You can 80% of the work through operations center which you generally do in command line. so it is better to learn OC for the future use.

    2. Hi Anil sir,
      We also face problem on back up from the Tape library. How its possible to back up from the tape library sir.

  2. Hi Anil Sir,

    This is ravi, am from testing background,
    I am planning to shift my carrier to TSM,
    Please suggest me the training institute to start up in Hyderabad
    I have plan to take up certification exam too while finishing the course.
    please do guide me that would be so helpful


    1. Hello!

      Could you please tell more about TSM carrier ? As I know, TSM is additional experience for UNIX/Linux positions.

  3. Hi Anil,

    In our organisation we are migrating the setup, so we need database of current environment to newly setup environment, the problem is we are transfering the tsmdb filesystem to new setup over the network..
    The issue is how we can transfer particular date files in database , for restore in new setup..

    Waiting for ur response..
    [email protected]

    1. Am not sure if it works. Ideally you should transfer entire DB filesystem not just particular data files. You probably want to take DB2 admin support for this query. Thanks

    2. Hi Anil sir,
      we too have problem about the back up files from the Tape library. How its possible?

  4. Hi Anil, your videos are too good and helpful . In our environment , We have TDPO configuration and DB2 configuration on Linux and AIX server . Please upload with TDPO and DB2 configuration on Linux and Aix environment . And how to configure DATA domain with TSM , Please please help me out , i really appreciate

  5. Hi Anil , How to configure data domain with TSM , and TDPO Configration on Unix and Linux server pleasse share this video ,it will be help us lots ,, Thank you

    1. Hi, I dont have those videos at the moment. I will upload them when i get them. If anybody have good tsm videos mail me so that i can let you upload them so that everybody can learn.

  6. Hi Anil,
    I have seen many of the TSM tutorials that you have posted on Youtube. Very helpful. Thanks for them.

    wt is diff b/w migrating data and move data?


    1. Migration is the process of sending entire data from disk storagepool to tape storagepool within primary pools. With move data, you can move particular node data or group of nodes data from one storagepool to another storagepool.

    2. With "move data" you can move data only from one storage pool volume to other storage pool volumes. Don't confuse move data with "move NODEDATA". With migration you can move data from one storage pool to another storage pool within storage pool hierarchy.

    3. Hi Petro,

      What you said is right. Thanks for the correction.

  7. Hi
    Could you tell me how to create a STG pool and device class for SAP for Oracle in AIX,
    Normally data backup size is 320G to 620G around, what is the good method to backup and is it
    possible to backup this system in to Diskpool ?

    TSM server OS version :- ReadHat 7
    TSM version :- spectum Protect 8.1
    Client 0S ;- AIX 7

    SAP DB size is 230 to 670 G
    two tape drive available
    07 -AIX LPAR need to be backup different type of SAP system with in different retention period

    1. Hi,

      Since your SAP DB size is small, you can diskpools to take backups. Create 2 stgpools, one for archive-log backups and another for online/offline SAP DB backups. Check the below link and subsequent links for detailed instructions for protecting SAP landscape.

  8. HI Anil
    IT will really help full thank a lot I have created as bellow
    Storage Storage Device
    Pool Name Pool Type Class Nam

    online_SAPDB_POOL Primary TAPE
    offline_SAPDB_POOL Primary TAPE
    SAP_LOG Primary DISK

    and how to we assign policy set for that , it should configure in TSM level or Oracle , and please explain how to configure bellow requirement as example
    14day backup and 7day archived

    nice day

  9. For TDP SAP, data retention policies are configured in initSID.utl file file. Check this link for more info

  10. HOW configure LAN-free in SAP database (only) and pointing to SAPDBTAPEPOOL
    and HOw to configure backup SAP system in AIX (7.1) Cluster environment

  11. TSM LAN_Free configuration

    LAN-free data movement allows backup-archive clients to use a SAN environment to send the bulk of the data to back up on the server. The LAN is still used for sending metadata. This implementation frees bandwidth on the LAN for normal traffic and provides a high-speed solution for backup and restore processes.

    Install Software's on client: TSM BA client,TSM storage agent,IBM Atape driver.

    Zoning: Two HBAs needs to be zoned with 4 target ports.

    1.configure the device drivers on client "cfgmgr "

    2.check the device drivers properly install or not.
    lsdev -Cc device

    3.Update the library for LAN-free (update library < libraryname > shared=yes)

    4.define the lanfree server
    DEFINE SERVER TMECCPRE_STA serverpa=?***? hla= lla=1500 comm=tcpip

    5.Define the paths between Storage agent and Library (On TSM server)
    DEFINE PATH TMECCPRE_STA drive0 srct=server destt=drive libr=3584lib device=/dev/rmt0 autodetect=yes

    6 register the lanfree node
    REGISTER NODE TMECCPRE_NEW ?***? userid=none passexp=0 maxnummp=12 dom=sapdom

    7.Configure Policy for the Lan-Free backup (If you have configured policy for SAP you can update backup destination here as "SAPDBTAPEPOOL")

    >>-UPDate COpygroup--domain_name--policy_set_name--class_name--->

    '-STANDARD-' '-Type--=--Backup-'

    '-DESTination--=--pool_name-' '-FREQuency--=--days-'



    '-RETExtra--=--+-days----+-' '-RETOnly--=--+-days----+-'
    '-NOLimit-' '-NOLimit-'




    Configure /opt/tivoli/tsm/StorageAgent/bin/dsmsta.opt file
    DEVCONFIG devconfig.txt
    COMMmethod TCPIP
    TCPPort 1500
    SHMPort 1510
    TCPWindowsize 1024
    COMMTimeout 172800
    IdleTimeOut 2880
    STAMAXpooledsessions 4
    Initiate Storage Agent:dsmsta setstorageserver myname= mypassword= myhladdress= servername= serverpassword= hladdress= lladdress=<TSM server TCP port

    Verify configuration of /opt/tivoli/tsm/StorageAgent/bin/devconfig.out file
    SET STAPASSWORD 213a63904d0c42692dc3fa5aa80517a37b
    DEFINE SERVER TMLDR HLADDRESS= LLADDRESS=1500 SERVERPA=210c4ee1ae1cdc3d095856802fd7a9357b

    Lan-Free Validation:

    1.Verify the connection from the TSM server to the Storage Agent
    ping server TMECCPRE_STA

    2. Validate the available management classes and their associated destination storage pools for LAN-free capability.

    validate lanfree TMECCPRE_NEW TMECCPRE_STA


  12. Kindly follow the below steps to configure SAP backup:

    1) Find the SAP instance name: ps -ef | grep pmon .. Take the SID as instance name Note: where ever SID has mentioned refer to this SID instance name.

    2) Install the BA client and TDP package.
    smitty install

    Give the noted SID in below installation steps: so it can create all the config files under mentioned SID name.
    Enter requested information
    Enter Oracle SID (Default: ): SID

    3) Once the SAP packages are successfully installed, prole service should be started by auto:
    ps -ef | grep prole if not provide below command:
    nohup /usr/tivoli/tsm/tdp_r3/ora64/prole -p tdpr3ora64 &

    4) Register the SAP node, reg node nodename_sap password do=sap_domain backdel=yes archdel=yes maxnummp=4 Note: the archive management class should be enabled for the domain.
    5) Make the tsm directory: /oracle/SID--> mkdir tsm
    6) create a dsm.opt under /oracle/SID/tsm
    servername SAP_NODE
    7) Create a dsm.sys under /usr/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin64/
    servername SAP_NODE
    Commmethod TCPIP
    nodename nodename_sap
    passwordaccess generate
    passworddir /oracle/SID/tsm/
    errorlogname /oracle/SID/tsm/dsmerror.log
    schedlogname /oracle/SID/tsm/dsmsched.log
    errorlogr 15 D
    schedlogr 15 D

    8) Modify the SAP backup configuration files:
    There are two files important: and initSID.utl
    SESSIONS 4 # Maximum number of sessions
    # to server_a
    PASSWORDREQUIRED YES # Use a password
    # ADSMNODE sap nodename
    BRBACKUPMGTCLASS Backup mgmt class -> registered nodes TSM backup mgmt class
    BRARCHIVEMGTCLASS archive mgmt class --> registered nodes TSM archive mgmt class

    9) Edit the file:

    10) Export the environment variables in SAP instance:
    export DSMI_CONFIG=/orcle/SID/tsm/dsm.opt
    export DSMI_LOG=/oracle/SID/tsm/
    export DSMI_DIR=/usr/tivoli/tsm/client/api/bin64/

    11) Generate the TSM password:
    cd /usr/tivoli/tsm/tdp_r3/ora64
    ./backint -p /oracle/SID/102_64/dbs/initSID.utl -f password

    12)Test the backup
    brbackup -u / -c -m all -t online -r /oracle/SID/102_64/dbs/initSID.utl

    Specifies the primary storage pool where the server initially stores backup data. This parameter is optional. You cannot specify a copy storage pool as the destination.

    Kindly follow the below command to point the store backup or archive date to SAPDBTAPEPOOL

    >>-UPDate COpygroup--domain_name--policy_set_name--class_name--->

    '-STANDARD-' '-Type--=--Backup-'


    I hope this helps you.

  13. Hello Sir,
    i have a question, in my organization we have installed TSM 5.5 on Windows 2003 R2 and we need to upgrade to the latest version of Spectrum Protect and also in term of hardware, now we have a plan to move our exiting TSM to the new Spectrum Protect 8.1.3 with AIX Operating System. now i need to know what should i do to migrate from Windows to AIX with version 5.5 to 8.1.3.
    please guide me Steps or any informational document if available.