Frequently used AIX commands

Below are the Important & Frequently used commands used by most of the AIX Administrators

ls                Lists files in current directory
cd                change directory
mkdir          to make a directory
rmdir           to remove directory
cp                to copy a file
rm                to remove a a file
mv                to rename a file
more            to check the file page wise
tail                 to check the bottom lines of a file
head             to check the top lines of a file
grep             to find particular format of words or format
chmod         to change the file permissions
kill                to kill a process and to stop the process
who              to check who are logged in currently
finger            to show who all are logged in
history          to show you the commmands run previously
df -gt              to list  the disk free space in Gigs
exit                 to logout frm the aix or Unix machine
topas             to check the utilisation of CPU,process which is using most resources and also                         the I\O onDisk
ifconfig -a to show you all the ipaddressess of htat server
errpt               to check the errorlog of AIX for both software and hardware
nslookup      to find out server name frm ip address and vice versa

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cfgmgr                                                To check n update the database and list the hardware
lsdev -cc tape                                    To check all the tapes drives
lslpp -L  all                                          List all the softwares that are installed
lslpp -L  <software name>               To Check if the software installed
lslpp -f                                                  Lists all the file sets and packages
lslpp -ha                                              To list the history of files that have been installed
hostname                                            to get the hostname of the host you hav logged in
ifconfig -device name                      to list the network card setting  for that particular card
ifconfig devicename UP/DOWN       To change the status of the Nic card v r refering
ifconfig devicename DETACH          To remove the Nic frm the list of Nic interfaces
route -ADD/DELETE -NET/HOST Destination Gateway  to add a route between the source and Destination.

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lsattr -EHI inet0                         displays the route listed in odm database
odmget -q "name=inet0" xyz Gives u the list of the details in the ODM database about the                                                                ROUTE  which is in ODM Database

uname -a                                    to show the flavour of unix,version and serial number of                                                                   themachine
lsattr -EHI inet0                        displays the route listed in odm database
lscfg -vl rmtname                      how to find the serial number of a drive
lscfg -vl fcs0 or 1 or 2              to get the wwpn name of the FC
lscfg                                            to list all the devices
lscfg -v                                         verbose for all the devices
rmdev -l devicename -d           to delete it
lsattr -l devicename -E            how to get the WWN number of a drive
mkdev -l devicename               to change the defined device to available
prtconf                                        to show all the info abt the hardware of the system
bootinfo -b                                  will tel u frm where the server has botted up
bootinfo -r                                   tell you the real memory
bootinfo -T                                  tell you the machine type
ping                                             to check the remote machine is alive or not

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