IBM Tivoli Storage Manager interview questions by Wipro

Hello All, Below are the Tivoli Storage Manager Interview Questions asked by Wipro and Infosys collected from different people. Most of these questions are asked in first round only, Check again for next round questions. Please find the  answers by yourself whcih will also helps you to know more concepts.

Latest Tivoli Storage Manager Interview Questions

  • Previous company setup?
  • Day to day Activities ?
  • Lan free configaration?
  • How to stop storageagent?
  • How to check how many time ur system is rebooted?
  • How to check client version?
  • About collocation?
  • About reclamation with reusedely parameter.?
  • Difference b/w 6.x and 5.x.?
  • How to check db and log in 6.3.?
  • How to increase the activelog archivelog.?
  • How to connect to db2.?
  • Copy group parameter and details.?
  • How to find the server deleted file.?
  • How to check route info.?
  • How to take db snapeshot backup.?
  • Difference b/w dbfull and dbsnapeshot backup.?
  • Different type of schedules.?
  • What is archive backup? when u go for archive.?
  • Difference b/w classic and enhanced scheds,defining the scheds.?
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  • Labeling,checkin,checkout.?
  • Difference b/w search=bulk/yes.?
  • About status=scartch/private.?
  • Data flow in db,activelog archivelog.?
  • How to restore file and what is -pic and -ina.?
  • Tell me about ur self.?
  • How to define sched.?
  • Will the cloptset be assigned for domain level or nodelevel?
  • If i give in clopset include/exclude file in server level how the client will know those are include/exclude? 
  • Do you have any knowledge on backupset?
  • How will you find out particluar node having which backup set?
  • What are the diff b/w generate and define backupsets?
  • How will u stop the expiration and migration process manually?
  • How will you restore a system state using command line?
  • How will you take system state backup?
  •  How to check the tsm version in aix level?
  •  How to check the client version ? 
  • What is the command to take the log backup in batch file?
  • How to check the tdp oracle has successfull configured or not?
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  • What it will do the tdpoconf?
  • How will you maintain your storage media?
  • How will you find out read/write errors?
  • How to check if tsm is running in aix?
  • How to start tsm server in background?
  • What is the difference b/w foreground and back ground?
  • How will u check os level errors in windows and aix?
  • Do you have any knowledge on clusters?
  • How to check the library is shared are not?
  • How will you find out whether the server is up or down in Aix level?
  • In my yester day backup how much of data has gone through lan and lanfree?
  • My tsm server is crashed what will you do?
  • What is tcpnodelay?
  • What it will show if yes or no given in tcpnodelay?
  • Tsm server is crashed, where will you check for the errors.
  • How will u restor your tsm using drm.
  • What are the drm states?
  • What is the courier retrivew state?
  • What is migration? if i gave copy stgpool as a next stgpool what will happen? we can use tape as a nextstg?
  • How will you find out particluar node activity from last 30 days?
  • What is the root directory path in linux?

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