Follow these 10 tips to secure your IT backup infrastructure (Spectrum Protect)

Today, most of the IT data centres are affected by the modern and intelligent malware and viruses in some or the other form. This can be due to the negligence of the employees or inappropriate security systems that are implemented. Currently we have a new type of data theft strategies such as  RasomWare implemented by cyber attackers to steal the business critical information. This RasomWare cyber attack, have plagued many of the todays organizations inspite of the stringent security policies.

These attacks have prompted 90% of the organizations to review the way that their data protection infrastructure is managed, and to look at how they can secure their backup environments even further. And also as a backup specialist, we should also take extra care to make sure the data which is backed-up to tape or to the cloud is secure enough from the modern day cyber attacks. 

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To address these kind of cyber attacks, IBM recommends the below 10 security tips to implement in your backup infrastructure to prevent data theft in any form. The below video from IBM Spectrum Protect storage specialist describes the current exposure many organizations backup solutions have, and discusses methods to reduce their security exposure. It proposes solutions to further protect the data protection core components so they, themselves, are not destroyed along with the primary data.

The below video will cover how to:
  • Harden the Spectrum Protect server hosts

  • Protect Spectrum Protect servers against RansomWare and other Malware
  • Secure the communication pathways
  • Secure Spectrum Protect administration 
  • Secure Spectrum Protect client nodes
  • Use all support and alerting tools available to you and apply Flashes
  • Follow strong testing and currency policies
  • Validate Data Protection and DR Services
  • Make the Protect Server infrastructure easier to manage reliably
  • Make the Protect Clients easier to manage reliably
The below video also covers how the security settings are configured in many TSM servers today and the different types of Security models offered by IBM Spectrum Protect which can be implemented in your backup setup.

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