IBM Spectrum Protect V8.1 New Features

The new features added in IBM Spectrum Protect V8.1 are explained below and the new version can be downloaded from Passport Advantage from December 9, 2016. Check the compatibility for TSM V8.1 before you download and implement it.

TSM V8.1 New Features Overview

  • Increase flexibility by leveraging Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) cloud storage as a target for IBM Spectrum Protect backup and archive data.
  • Optimize performance for IBM Cloud Object Storage and Amazon S3 cloud storage. 
  • Add consistency and control for cloud storage through support for predefined containers. 
  • Reduce infrastructure costs and provide additional protection by enabling copies of deduplicated directory containers on tape for repairs, compliance, air gap, and for environments with a single backup server.
  • Simplify authentication management with centralized Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) integration. 
  • Easily migrate your environment from VTL or tape to cloud-container or directory-container pools using an automated, nondisruptive conversion utility that harvests data from your VTL or tape and moves it to container pools, immediately leveraging the scalability and space efficiencies of the IBM Spectrum Protect container pools. 
  • Accelerate time to value for fast deployment by using the native VMware vSphere interface for centralized configuration of data protection policy and scheduling. 
  • Manage day-to-day data protection operations easily by monitoring backups and re-driving failures from within the vSphere Web Client. 
  • Back up and restore large VMs faster with optimized backup and recovery using parallel streams. 
  • IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot V8.1 supports automate provisioning of snapshot volumes in IBM Spectrum Virtualize™ Metro Mirror/Global Mirror environments. 
  • It performs Microsoft Exchange item-level recoveries directly from persistent VSS snapshots. 
  • Mount Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL Server snapshots in read/write mode for testing and DevOps.

TSM V8.1 provides advanced capabilities for cloud and data center environments

IBM Spectrum Protect native object storage integration supports Amazon S3
Now Amazon S3 cloud storage can be defined as a target for IBM Spectrum Protect cloud-container pools. Primary or secondary copies of data can be stored in the IBM Spectrum Protect Server using Amazon S3 object storage. Previously announced support for IBM Spectrum Protect cloud-container pools include IBM Cloud Object Storage (formerly known as Cleversafe), IBM Softlayer, OpenStack Swift, and IBM Spectrum Scale. IBM Spectrum Protect combines its powerful software-defined, inline data deduplication and compression with Amazon S3 to create a cost-effective data protection solution.

Optimized performance for hybrid clouds
IBM Spectrum Protect Server introduces a temporary cache to optimize the movement of data to IBM Cloud Object Storage (formerly known as Cleversafe) and Amazon S3 cloud storage. Backups are quickly stored to the temporary cache (directory containers) and then transferred to the cloud as larger objects, leveraging the efficiency of S3 transfer mechanisms. This feature enables more use cases for leveraging cost-effective cloud storage.

Copy data from directory-container pools to tape
Administrators can create a copy of directory-container pools on tape and repair directory-container pool data from this copy. This features lowers infrastructure costs by enabling copies of deduplicated directory-container pools on tape for repairs, compliance, and air gap, especially for environments with a single backup server where a second IBM Spectrum Protect server is not available to store a second copy of backup data.

Predefined cloud-container pools
Administrators can use predefined cloud S3 bucket names when creating cloud containers. This is important for organizations that require special policy and access rules when using object storage. This feature enables consistency and tighter control when using cloud storage with IBM Spectrum Protect.

Simplified LDAP authentication
Authentication management with centralized LDAP integration has been simplified by enabling users and administrators to authenticate with the same user IDs that they use to log on to an Active Directory server. IBM Security Directory Server and Microsoft Active Directory are supported. This feature lowers administration costs by simplifying user ID management.

Convert existing data on tape and VTL to container pools
Easily migrate your environment from VTLs or tape to cloud-container or directory-container pools using an automated, nondisruptive conversion utility that harvests data from your VTL or tape and moves it to container pools. This enables you to reduces costs immediately by leveraging the scalability and space efficiencies of IBM Spectrum Protect container pools.

Deeper vSphere Web Client integration and day-to-day monitoring
VMware administrators can simplify initial deployments, including centralized configuration of data protection policy and scheduling, directly in the vSphere Web Client. Use VMware tagging to help set policies for retention and schedules, as well as to exclude VMs from backups without leaving the vSphere Web Client interface. They can also perform daily monitoring tasks and redrive failed backups with ease.

Data Protection for Oracle automation features
Automate configuration and operations in Data Protection for Oracle environments, lowering costs for Oracle DBAs.

Support for SAP HANA multitenant database containers and parallel-stream restores
This feature extends data protection for SAP HANA environments to multiple-container mode configurations and increases performance for recovery operations.

Space Management for UNIX/Linux integration with IBM Spectrum Scale and scalability enhancements for IBM Linear Tape File System Enterprise Edition environments
Tighter integration between IBM Spectrum Protect for Space Management and IBM Spectrum Scale means increased overall performance, improved recall scalability (especially for IBM Spectrum Archive Enterprise Edition workloads), and simplified restore for environments with large numbers of files.

Space Management for Windows enhancements for usability and performance
Space Management on Windows just got easier with GUI enhancements for searching for the filespace, and increased performance during migrations.

New support for IBM Spectrum Protect clients:
  • Data Protection for VMware cooperative application support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016.
  • Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2016 for the Backup-Archive Client, Hyper-V, Oracle, SQL, Exchange, Workstations, and Space Management for Windows.
  • Support for Ubuntu 16.04 and 14.04 for the Backup-Archive Client on x86 and Linux on Power (LE).
  • Support for IBM AIX 7.2 for Data Protection for Oracle
IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot V8.1 features
  • Exchange item-level restore from VSS persistent snapshots.
  • Automatically mount persistent snapshots to perform rapid Exchange item-level restores. This removes the need to set aside space for a restore and eliminates the time to restore the database itself..
  • Enables read and write mounts of copy-type VSS snapshots for Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Exchange databases
  • Leverage VSS persistent snapshots of your SQL and Exchange databases in read/write mode for DevOps or testing without affecting the snapshot itself.
  • Dynamic allocation with support for Metro Mirror and Global Mirror in UNIX/Linux environments
  • Automate and federate snapshot LUN provisioning in IBM Spectrum Virtualize environments configured for Metro Mirror or Global Mirror in UNIX/Linux environments.
New support for:
  • Windows Server 2016
  • DB2 V11
  • Parallel sync mode for non-SAP DB2 DPF
  • Partitioned ASM disks
  • Cloning for DB2 Storage Groups

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