5 Types of disaster recovery strategies offered by IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM)

IBM Spectrum Protect offers different disaster recovery strategies to help planning for any disaster situation. When you implement Spectrum Protect (TSM) server to backup your organization data, it is also highly recommended to plan and implement the secondary TSM server at DR site to make sure that you are ready to face any unexpected data loss or disaster situations. The below video from IBM employee will explain you the different types of disaster recovery strategies which you can choose to implement in your organisation based upon your requirements and resources.

You can protect the IBM Spectrum Protect server and all the backed-up data by using one or more of the following strategies. Remember that proper planning, implementation and regular DR drills will help you to learn from the mistakes and also it will put you in a good position to recover the data loss ASAP. You can implement any of the following disaster recovery strategies by using TSM server.
  • You can take TSM Data base backup and copy storage pools daily in and send them via a carrier to an offsite location. 
  • You can Utilise the existing SAN technical features (like storage replication) for the storage pool copies 
  • You can Implement HADR with off site copies
  • You can also do hardware replication of the TSM DB and storage pools 
  • You can configure Spectrum Protect Node Replication techniques which comes with TSM server.
Disaster recovery strategies by using TSM

The video also explains the common and frequently seen disaster situations, causes of disaster, what needs to be protected in terms of spectrum protect server, and the seven tiers of disaster recovery scenarios by using spectrum protect. The video also covers the Recovery Point Objectives (RPO), Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and costs for each solution as shown in the above figure.

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