9 April 2013

Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) V6.X interview question and answers


Q: Will 2 instances of TSM server be supported on Windows 32bit?
A: You most certainly can have more than 1 TSM server on a Windows (or any other platform) system. For windows, each server is started with a -k <instancename> parameter, and each has its own set of registry keys and directories. This is basically the same as for 5.5. I know we recommend 8G, but that's for optimal performance. You could probably get by with 3-4G per TSM server, but you should monitor it closely. Also, with more than one server, you might need the DBMEMPERCENT option in the dsmserv.opt file to limit DB2 to some percentage of total RAM. If you have 2 servers, use 50, if you have 3, use 33, if you have 4, use 25.

Q. Can we still have raw database or recovery log volumes with 6.1 TSM installation?
A. The server database and recovery logs do not support raw logical volumes in TSM V6.1.

Q. With the new TSM V6 inventory expiration implementation, can multiple EXPIRE INVENTORY processes be run in parallel?
A. For TSM V6, the EXPIRE INVENTORY command supports the new RESOURCE parameter. This parameter controls the number of parallel expiration threads. These threads represent parallel work within the expiration process. Expiration still runs as a single process.


Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagram
>>-EXPIre Inventory--+-------------------+---------------------->

   .-Wait--=--No------.  .-Node--=--*-------------------.   
   '-Wait--=--+-No--+-'  '-Node--=--+-node_name-------+-'   
              '-Yes-'               '-node_group_name-'     

   '-DOmain--=--domain_name-'  '-Type--=--+-ALl-----+-'   

   .-REsource--=--1------.  .-SKipdirs--=--No------.   
   '-REsource--=--number-'  '-SKipdirs--=--+-No--+-'   


Q. With multiple instances on one operating system (OS) image, do all instances share the same DB2 database or is there a unique instance of DB2 per TSM instance?
A. Each TSM V6 server instance must have its own DB2 database. As additional instances of the TSM server are created on the same OS, an additional DB2 database is created to support that instance. It is not necessary to reinstall the TSM and DB2 code because additional instances are created on the same OS.

Q. How does TSM V6 use multiple directories (containers) for allocation of database volumes and recovery log volumes?
A. Database and recovery log space is managed by DB2. DB2 will attempt to spread the workload over the available containers (directories).

Q. Is there any option in TSM V6 to change the recovery log mode from roll-forward mode to normal mode?
A. The TSM V6 server uses only roll-forward mode. There is no longer an option.

Q. How is database volume and recovery log volume mirroring done with TSM V6? Should hardware mirroring be used for the TSM V6 database and recovery log volumes?
A. The TSM V6 recovery log can be mirrored by specifying an active log mirror location. The database, recovery log, and recovery log mirror volumes are managed by DB2.
TSM V6 does not provide a way to do software mirroring of the database volumes. Use fast and reliable storage for the both database and recovery log. Store the database on storage that provides some type of redundancy, such as RAID5.

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