Procedure for upgrading atape device drivers to fix tape drive issues

This post explains the steps for upgrading the Atape device driver in AIX, including reconfiguring the devices in AIX, upgrading Atape, and deleting and redefining the tape paths, drives, and library in TSM.

Steps to Upgrade Atape Device Drivers

From TSM server:

Save the output from the device queries, and save the current device configuration (the filename is optional):
query library 
query drive f=d 
query path f=d 
query devclass f=d 
backup devconfig [ filename=devconfig.bak ]

From AIX:
List the tape devices:

lsdev -Cc tape

Remove the drive and library device names:
rmdev -dl <dev#>

For example, if the drive device name is /dev/rmt1:
rmdev -dl rmt1

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Upgrade Atape
Ftp the Atape driver in binary mode from IBM FIXCentral:

Remove the older Atape driver (optional):

installp -u Atape.driver

Install and commit the Atape driver. For example, if you downloaded the file to /tmp/Atape.
installp -acXd /tmp/Atape. all

Then, Configure the tape device:

cfgmgr -v

(-v is not required but will show where it hangs if it does)

Verify the new devices are Available:

lsdev -Cc tape

While not always absolutely necessary, it is strongly recommended to reboot the system after upgrading the Atape.driver.

From TSM:
While it is recommended to remove and redefine the paths after any hardware change, including upgrading Atape.driver, sometimes it is not necessary to do anything else after upgrading Atape. If the activity log reports I/O errors for the library or drives, sometimes it is only necessary to force the TSM server to communicate with the drives to resolve them

update path <server> <driver> srctype=server desttype=drive library=<libr> device=<dev#> online=yes

If this does not resolve the I/O errors, then continue with next steps. 

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Delete the drive and library paths
For each drive:

delete path <server> <drive> srctype=server desttype=drive library=<libr>

For the library:
delete path <server> <drive> srctype=server desttype=library

Redefine the drive and library paths
    define path <server> <libr> srctype=server desttype=library device=/dev/<xxx> online=yes 
    define path <server> <libr> srctype=server desttype=library library=<libr> devicename=/dev/<xxx> online=yes
Use the devconfig file as a guide for the definitions.

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