How to Install and Configure IBM TSM Operations Center - Video Tutorial

To manage a server with the Operations Center, the server must haveTivoli Storage Manager V6.3.4 or later installed.

Installing TSM Operations Center
You can install the Operations Center by using any of the following methods: a graphical wizard, the command line in console mode, or silent mode.
You cannot configure the Operations Center until you install, configure, and start the Tivoli Storage Manager server. Therefore, before you install the Operations Center, install the Tivoli Storage Manager V6.3.4 server package.

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You can install the Operations Center on a computer with the Tivoli Storage Manager server or on a separate computer.
Starting & Stopping TSM Operations Center
The web server of the Operations Center runs as a service and starts automatically.
If you must stop and start the web server for the Operations Center, for example, to restart the initial configuration wizard, use the following methods:

From the /installation_dir/ui/utils directory, where installation_dir represents the directory where the Operations Center is installed, run the following programs:
To stop the server:./
To start the server:./

In Linux
 Run the following commands:
To restart the server:service opscenter.rc restart
To stop the server:service opscenter.rc stop

To start the server:service opscenter.rc start

Tip: You can use the following command to determine whether the server is running:
service opscenter.rc status
In windows
From the Services window, stop or start the service Tivoli Storage Manager Operations Center.

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