What is IBM Tivoli Storage Manager TSM Operations Center

The next generation of simplified backup administration dramatically improves scalability and efficiency. Experience how IBM’s advanced interface for Tivoli Storage Manager enables consolidation, intuitive problem resolution and integrated team collaboration.

The IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Operations Center is a web-based user interface for monitoring your storage management environment.
You can use the Operations Center to identify potential issues at a glance, manage alerts, and access the Tivoli Storage Manager command line.
The Administration Center interface is also available, but the Operations Center is the preferred monitoring interface.

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You can open the Operations Center with a web browser.
You can open the Operations Center by using any supported web browser. For a list of supported web browsers, see Web browser requirements.
Start your browser, and enter https://hostname:secure_port/oc, where hostname represents the name of the computer where theOperations Center is installed, and secure_port represents the port number that the Operations Center uses for HTTPS communication on that computer.

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Features in IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Operations Center


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