New features added in TSM 6.3.X versions

Server fix pack 6.3.3 contains several new features, in addition to fixes for problems. The server that is included with the Tivoli Storage Manager and IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Extended Edition V6.4 products is at the V6.3.3 level. The V6.3.3 server is also available for download separately, as a fix pack for current users of V6.3.

  • LDAP-authenticated Passwords

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server V6.3.3 can use an LDAP directory server to authenticate passwords. LDAP-authenticated passwords give you an extra level of security by being case-sensitive, offering advanced password rule enforcement, and a centralized server on which to authenticate them. You must have an LDAP directory server on which to authenticate a hash representation of the password. After you configure the Tivoli Storage Manager server, you can authenticate administrator and node passwords with the LDAP directory server.

The two methods of authentication are LDAP and LOCAL. LOCAL means that the password is authenticated with the Tivoli Storage Manager server. Passwords that are authenticated with the Tivoli Storage Manager server are not case-sensitive. All passwords can be composed of characters from the following list:

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * _ - + = ` | ( ) { } [ ] : ; < > , . ? /

Restriction: Client nodes must be at V6.4 or later to use the LDAP directory server

to authenticate passwords.
  • Tivoli Monitoring for Tivoli Storage Manager updates

Tivoli Monitoring for Tivoli Storage Manager now includes some new Tivoli Enterprise Portal workspaces, new Cognos reports, and the option for existing IBM Tivoli Monitoring customers to install and deploy monitoring agents from a small agent package. The new Cognos reports are:

Status reports:

 Client activity status,  Client backup currency, Client backup status, Client schedule status, Client storage pool usage summary, Current client occupancy summary, Current storage pool summary, Highest storage space usage, Server schedule status, Yesterday's missed and failed client schedules.

Trending Reports:
 Client activity success rate, Client schedule success rate, Server database growth trends, Server storage growth trends.

New Tivoli Enterprise Portal monitoring workspaces are: 

Activity summary workspace, which provides data about server and client operations for both virtual and non-virtual environments.

 Sessions workspace, which provides a view of all the active client sessions running on the specified server.

Additional VMware backup information is now provided in the Tivoli Storage Manager server activity log and summary table for Data Protection for VMware operations. This new information provides improved data collection and reporting content when you use reporting facilities such as Tivoli Common Reporting.

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A new option to enable LDAP authentication, when creating and configuring monitoring agent instances.

The improved ability to exclude, or filter-out message numbers, to narrow results.

Existing IBM Tivoli Monitoring users can now install the small agent package, and remotely deploy monitoring agents without having to download the larger Tivoli Monitoring for Tivoli Storage Manager package.
  • Control for inactive NDMP operation connections

Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) keepalive is a mechanism by which small packets of data are sent across the network at predefined intervals. The packets prevent a long-running, inactive connection from being closed by firewall software that detects and closes inactive connections. With this release, you can enable the TCP keepalive function for control connections of network data-management protocol (NDMP).
  • Enhancements for expiration processing

Improvements for expiring inventory are available with this release. Node processing can now be spread across more than one thread in parallel, at the file space level. This change in process helps distribute the workload and more efficiently avoid bottlenecks for nodes that use virtual servers.

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New features for TSM Server in Version 6.3.1
  • Data validation during read/write operations to tape

With logical block protection, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager includes a cyclic redundancy check (CRC) value at the end of each logical block of data to be written to tape. You can specify CRC data-block validation during read and write operations, or only during write operations. You can use logical block protection only with the following types of drives and media:
  1.  IBM LTO5 and later
  2.  IBM 3592 Generation 3 drives, and later, with 3592 Generation 2 media, and later.

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