Tivoli Storage Manager TSM 6.3 version new features

There are several new features added in Tivoli Storage Manager version 6.3. Some of the new features are explained briefly in this post. Check the TSM infocentre website for more detailed information on these new features

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TSM 6.3 New Features

  • Node Replication

Node replication is the process of incrementally copying or replicating client node data from one server of Tivoli Storage Manager to another server of Tivoli Storage Manager for the purpose of disaster recovery.

The server from which client node data is replicated is called a source replication server. The server to which client node data is replicated is called a target replication server.

Node replication avoids the logistics and security exposure of physically moving tape media to a remote location. If a disaster occurs and the source replication server is unavailable, backup-archive clients of Tivoli Storage Manager can recover their data from the target replication server. If you cannot recover the source

replication server, you can convert client nodes to nonreplicating nodes for store operations on the target replication server.

If you use the export and import functions of Tivoli Storage Manager to store client node data on a disaster-recovery server, you can convert the nodes to replicating nodes. When replicating data, you can also use data deduplication to reduce bandwidth and storage requirements.

Tivoli Storage Manager V6.3 servers can be used for node replication. However you can replicate data for client nodes that are at V6.3 or earlier. You can also replicate data that was stored on a Tivoli Storage Manager V6.2 or earlier server before you upgraded it to V6.3. You cannot replicate nodes from a Tivoli Storage Manager V6.3.3 server to a server that is running on an earlier level of Tivoli Storage Manager.
  • Deduplication of NetApp file-server data

Deduplication of data that belongs to network-attached storage (NAS) file-servers is disabled by default. To enable deduplicaton of NetApp file-server data, use the new ENABLENASDEDUP server option.
  • Database table and index reorganization

If automatic table and index reorganization is affecting server performance, you can manually schedule reorganizations.
  • Automatic backup-archive client deployment

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, Version 6.3 can be scheduled to automatically deploy backup-archive client software to all workstations that have the backup-archive client installed. You can deploy backup-archive clients on Microsoft Windows operating systems from a fix pack or interim fixes for all releases at V5.4 or later. You can migrate the Backup-Archive Client to a newer version, release, modification, or fix pack level
that is V5.5 and later.
  • Multistream database backup and restore processing

Multiple, concurrent data streams can reduce the amount of time that is required to back up or restore the database. You can specify multiple, concurrent data streams for automatic or manual database-backup operations. During restore operations, the Tivoli Storage Manager server attempts to use the same number of data streams that you specified for the backup operation.
  • Tivoli Monitoring for Tivoli Storage Manager updates

IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Tivoli Storage Manager, previously referred to as the Reporting and Monitoring feature, has an improved installation wizard. Cognos is now included for custom report creation.
  • Estimation of processor value units

You can use new methods to obtain information about the number of client and server devices connected to the system, and the utilization of processor value units (PVUs) by server devices. The new methods provide information to help you assess the license compliance of the Tivoli Storage Manager system. By using the new QUERY PVUESTIMATE command, you can generate reports that estimate the number of server devices and client devices managed by the Tivoli Storage Manager server.
  • Prerequisite checker

Tivoli Storage Manager Version 6.3 includes a prerequisite checker, a tool that can be run before starting the Tivoli Storage Manager installation. The prerequisite checker verifies requirements for the Tivoli Storage Manager server, the Administration Center, and Tivoli Monitoring for Tivoli Storage Manager.
  • Storage device updates

New device support and other changes to storage devices are available in Tivoli Storage Manager Version 6.3.

1. You can define a library as a virtual tape library (VTL) to Tivoli Storage Manager.

2. Faster formatting of DISK and preallocated FILE volumes

3. Access to storage devices attached by FICON on a z/OS system

4. Append-only mode for IBM LTO-5 drives

  • Server session disablement and enablement

You can now temporarily disable and enable all outbound or inbound sessions for a particular Tivoli Storage Manager server. This feature is useful, for example, if you have a planned network outage that might affect communication between a source and a target replication server. To prevent replication failures, you can disable outbound sessions from the source replication server before the outage. After communications have been reestablished, you can resume replication by enabling outbound sessions.
  • Data encryption with TLS/SSL

You can use Transport Layer Security (TLS)/Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) on HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, AIX, and Windows platforms. With TLS/SSL industry-standard communications, you can encrypt all traffic
between the backup-archive client, the administrative command-line clients, and the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server. You can use either self-signed or vendor-acquired SSL certificates.
  • Command-line help for subcommands

In this release, you can obtain help for Tivoli Storage Manager subcommands. For example, you can display help for the DEFINE DEVCLASS command for 3570 device classes and for 3590 device classes. To display command-line help for a subcommand, type help followed by the topic number for the command.
Topic numbers are listed in the table of contents, for example:

3.0 Administrative commands

3.13.10 DEFINE DEVCLASS (Define a device class) DEFINE DEVCLASS (Define a 3570 device class) DEFINE DEVCLASS (Define a 3590 device class)
To display help for the DEFINE DEVCLASS command for 3570 device classes, type:

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