New Features in IBM Spectrum Protect V7.1.3 (Formerly known as TSM 7.1.3)

Tivoli Storage Manager V7.1.3  (IBM Spectrum Protect 7.1.3) extends its scalability, efficiency , flexibility and also allows administrators to backup data to cloud storagepools. Below are some of the main enhancements coming with TSM V7.1.3...

  • 10x capacity per Spectrum Protect (TSM) server using built-in deduplication technology enabling a storage pool with a post- deduplication capacity of 1PB. New storage pool technology provides native software deduplication capability with up to four times improvement in daily backup ingest throughput and up to ten times improvement in storage capacity for a single backup server instance.
IBM Spectrum Protect 7.1.3
  • 4x backup throughput using highly efficient in-line server-side deduplication technology. Compatible with existing client-side deduplication capability, which reduces backup data at the source and minimizes network bandwith requirements.
  • Efficient, server-side, in-line deduplication allows the use of inexpensive backup storage pool disks. Inline server side deduplication eliminates the need for separate post-ingest processing of backup storage pool data, thus reducing resource requirements on the Spectrum Protect server.
  • Deduplicated storage pools that natively leverage on-premises object storage or off-premises cloud-based object storage. Off-premises data is secured with encryption in-flight and at rest, and deduplication enables efficient transfer.
  • Spectrum Protect V7.1.3 expands storage pool options to include secure on-premises
    or off-premises cloud object storage. Native object storage pool option supports IBM SoftLayer(R) or OpenStack Swift. object storage, providing an on-premises or off-premises destination for backup data as an alternative or replacement for tape or on-site disk.
  • Encryption of deduplicated data at rest ensures secure storage of off-premises backup data.
  • Extends NetApp snapshot-assisted progressive incremental backup to clustered Data ONTAP environments.
  • Easy client installation experience with integrated language packs for all supported languages. Simplified, wizard-based configuration for deduplication and object storage pools.

IBM Spectrum Protect V7.1.3 Operations Center New Features

Operations Center 7.1.3 adds more visibility, more control, and more automation with the following features:
  • Setting up and monitoring Spectrum Protect replication is simplified through the addition of setup wizards and monitoring screens.
  • Additional wizards to help you configure and manage the deduplication and object storage pools.
  • Ability to define a lifecycle for decommission of client nodes data, which streamlines the process of removing backup data for decommissioned systems.
  • Improved ease of use of backup policy configurations with ability to add, activate, and edit backup policy management classes.
  • Additional interfaces to show front-end capacity values to make it easy to verify license compliancy.
  • A REST API to help automate and simplify management of the Spectrum Protect environment for cloud and managed service providers.

IBM Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments V7.1.3 New Features
  • Intuitive web-based portal for self-service file recovery that enables Virtual Machine owners, administrators, or help desk personnel the ability to perform file-level restores from VMware image backups in an automated way, reducing the complexity and cost.
  • Highly simplified individual file restore using a web browser that enables users, VMware administrators, and backup administrators to perform restores of individual files from a block level image backup of virtual machines.
  • Integrates with VMware hosted Microsoft Exchange Server environments to enable simple item-level mailbox restores from Data Protection for VMware backups
IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot V4.1.3 (IBM Tivoli FlashCopy Manager) New Features

It Improves ease of use and therefore reduces administrative expenses by delivering the following functions:
  • Introduces dynamic allocation for IBM Spectrum Virtualize FlashCopy target volumes in VMware environments. When configuring Spectrum Protect, Snapshot administrators can define storage pools containing target volumes where the
    snapshots should reside. At run time, when a FlashCopy operation takes place, the required target volumes are dynamically allocated by Spectrum Protect Snapshot.
  • Provides a pre-installation check program in UNIX environments, which has been further automated since it verifies that the installation environment meets the requirements for the installation of Spectrum Protect Snapshot. This function improves the ease of use during installation to reduce administrative expenses In addition, operational efficiencies are achieved when multiple Spectrum Protect Snapshot instances are deployed.
Reduces business risks and achieves operational efficiencies by allowing
  • Individual item recovery from the Microsoft Exchange Recoverable Items Folder.
  • Support for cloning of Oracle database running in Real Application Cluster mode on Oracle's Automatic Storage Management.
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IBM Spectrum Protect Suite V7.1.3 (IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Suite for Unified Recovery) 

The IBM Spectrum Protect Suite provides a comprehensive set of data protection capabilities with simplified licensing on a tiered per-terabyte (TB) metric. It comes with simple, pay as you grow licensing. The suite features capacity-based licensing, advanced agents for virtual environments and core applications, snapshot management and hierarchical space management IBM Spectrum Protect Suite allows you to more easily modernize data protection. The following are new features added in this version
  • Breakthrough cost and performance improvements for scalability and efficiency of software defined deduplication, increased ingestion rates, and increased capacity.
  • Low cost, secure cloud storage capability leveraging native object storage, without the need for a gateway.
  • Extremely simple file-level restores for VMware virtual machines through a self-service web portal.
  • Lowers the cost of ownership and makes it simpler to administer through enhanced monitoring, more reporting and analytics, and wizard- based configuration
IBM Spectrum Snapshot V4.1.3 (formerly IBM Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager), which is included in the IBM Spectrum Protect Suites, delivers
  • Ease-of use enhancements in the area of snapshot-based data protection for applications, databases, and virtual environments.
  • Capabilities for protecting Microsoft Exchange databases and cloning of Oracle databases.

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