How to register and audit TSM Server licenses

Tivoli Storage Manager has different editions suitable for small, medium and large scale enterprises. Different TSM editions have different features enabled according to the customers requirements. You must register a new license if you want to add support for any of the features that are not already in your existing license agreement. Tivoli Storage Manager uses a license file and the REGISTER LICENSE command to complete this task.

Licenses are stored in enrollment certificate files, which contain licensing information for the server product. The enrollment certificate files are on the installation media, and are placed on the server during installation. When registered, the licenses are stored in a NODELOCK file within the current directory.

To register a license, you must issue the REGISTER LICENSE command. The command registers new licenses for server components, including Tivoli Storage Manager (base), Tivoli Storage Manager Extended Edition, and System Storage Archive Manager. You must specify the name of the enrollment certificate file containing the license to be registered when you issue the REGISTER LICENSE command. To unregister licenses, erase the NODELOCK file found in the server instance directory and reregister the licenses.


>>-REGister LICense--FILE--=--+-tsmbasic.lic-+-----------------><
Specifies the name of the enrollment certificate file containing the license to be registered. The specification can contain a wildcard (*). Enter the complete file name or a wildcard in place of the file name. The file names are case-sensitive. Possible values are

The file specification can contain a wildcard character (*). The following are possible certificate file names

Registers IBM Tivoli Storage Manager base edition.

Registers IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Extended Edition. This includes the disaster recovery manager, large libraries, and NDMP.

Registers the System Storage Archive Manager. This is required to enable Data Retention Protection and Expiration and Deletion Suspension (Deletion Hold).

Registers all IBM Tivoli Storage Manager licenses for server components.

Example: register license file= /usr/tivoli/license/*.lic
  • The NODELOCK file name is case-sensitive and must be entered in all uppercase letters.
  • You cannot register licenses for components that are licensed on the basis of processors. For example, Tivoli Storage Manager for Mail, Tivoli Storage Manager for Databases, Tivoli Storage Manager for Enterprise Resource Planning, Tivoli Storage Manager for Hardware, and Tivoli Storage Manager for Space Management.
  • Save the installation media that contains your enrollment certificate files. You might need to register your licenses again for any of the following reasons:
                    The server is corrupted.
                    The server is moved to a different computer.
                    The NODELOCK file is destroyed or corrupted. IBM 
  • Tivoli Storage Manager stores license information in the NODELOCK file, which is located in the directory from which the server is started.
  • IBM Tivoli Storage Manager licenses are associated with the CPU chip of the machine on which IBM Tivoli Storage Manager is installed. If you change that CPU chip, you must first erase the existing NODELOCK files and then reregister all your licenses.

Monitoring Tivoli Storage Manager Server Licenses

When license terms change or a new license is specified for the server, the server conducts an audit to determine if the current server configuration conforms to the license terms. The server also periodically audits compliance with license terms. The results of an audit are used to check and enforce license terms.

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If 30 days have elapsed since the previous license audit, the administrator cannot cancel the audit. If an IBM Tivoli Storage Manager system exceeds the terms of its license agreement, one of the following occurs

  • The server issues a warning message indicating that it is not in compliance with the licensing terms.
  • If you are running in Try Buy mode, operations fail because the server is not licensed for specific features.
  • You must contact your IBM Tivoli Storage Manager account representative to modify your agreement.

Auditing TSM licenses

Use the AUDIT LICENSES command to compare the current configuration with the current licenses. During a license audit, the server calculates, by node, the amount of backup, archive, and space management storage in use. This calculation can take a great deal of CPU time and can stall other server activity. Use the AUDITSTORAGE server option to specify that storage is not to be calculated as part of a license audit.

An audit creates a background process you can cancel with the CANCEL PROCESS command. If you halt and restart the server, an audit is run automatically as specified by the SET LICENSEAUDITPERIOD. To view audit results, use the QUERY LICENSE command.
audit licenses

Checking TSM license information
Use the QUERY LICENSE command to display details of your current licenses and determine licensing compliance.
query license

Scheduling automatic license audits
Use the SET LICENSEAUDITPERIOD command to specify the number of days between automatic audits.
set licenseauditperiod 30 (days)

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