Latest Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Interview Questions by IBM

 These are the Tivoli Storage Manager TSM interview questions asked to my friends. these questions cover both TSM version 5.5 and TSM version 6. Topics covered are Lanfree, DRM and daily TSM admin taksks

Sorry, I was bit lazy and also busy to correct the spelling and grammatical mistakes. I have copied from my mail and pasted them directly here. Please dont mind and ALL THE BEST for your interview........

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Candidate 1:

1)Tell about yourself?

2)config of lanfree?

3)what is maxsessions and maxsched session?

4)what is TCPwindowsize?

5)what is resource utilization?in which scenario we will use it?

5)diff ver5.5 and 6.3?

6)data flow of activelog and archievelog and archievefailoverlog?

7)scenario:if archivelog and archivelog is full what you will do?

8) what is reclaimation?

9)explain about offsite reclaimation?

10)scenario:can do reclaimation on volumes which are in filling state?

11)explain about policy management hierarcy?

12)i want to take client backup what are parameters we will add in dsm.sys file?

13)what are daily activities in your previous enviornment?

14)scenario:if customer is asking to maintain data for 30days what is verexits,verdel,retextra,retonly?

Candidate 2:

1.Daily Activities?

2.Installation of 6.3 server on AiX?

3.Explain about 6.3 database?

4.Dataflow in Tsm sever?

5.Tape library configuration?

6.Explain about Active data pool?

7.TDP-SQl Configuration?

8.Restore procedure in TDP-Sql?

9.versionexist=5 retentionextra=30 on 30th day how many backup copies you have?

10.explain about policy management?
(domain,policyset managementclass,versionexist,versiondelete,retentionextra,retentiononly and serialization parameters)

11.Its possible to send the data to the copypool Over LAN?

12.How to change the file system size?

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Candidate 3:

1. Tell me about urself?

2. what is the type of backup method u use?

3. what is progressive incremantal?

4. Storage hierarcy?

5. tsm policies?

6. DRM?

7. Prerequisites of LAnfree and its configuration?

8. how to check tapes in aix?

9. how to check wwn & serial numbers in aix?

10. how to check errors in aix os level?

11. TSM v 6.3 installation and data flow?

12. differences bet v5.5 & v6.3?

13. can u restore 30 days back client data if vere=5 rete=90? and how to restore it?

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