How to configure tape library in IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server - Video Tutorials

To configure a Tape Library of any type you first have to physically attach the library and install the supporting Library Device Drivers according to the Operating System you are using. IF you want to use the Tape Library in sharing mode or for LANFree operations, you should Zone the library correctly such that all the TSM BA/TDP clients and TSM Server(s) can access the Tape Library devices.

In this below video you can learn how to check Tape Library devices in AIX machine and then configure those devices accordingly in IBM TSM Server for Backup/Restore Operations.

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Commands used for Configuring TSM Tape Library in AIX Machine

To check device drivers ------ lslpp -l | grep -i atape

To check tape devices list  -----  lsdev -Cc tape, lscfg -vpl rmt*

To define Library and its path in a SAN mode
define library <libraryname> libtype=scsi shared=yes
define path <tsmservname> <libraryname> srctype=server destt=library device=/dev/smc0

To define tape drives and its path 
define drive <librname> <drivename>
define path <tsmservname> <drivename> srctype=server destt=drive  library=<libraryname> device=/dev/rmt0

Similarly, you have to define all the available drives and its path.

Then, the next step is to define the device class by using define devc command and then you can define the storagepools and start taking the backup.

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