How to install and configure TSM scheduler and webclient services on windows - Video Tutorial

To make the TSM BA Client backups automatic and to access BA Client on browser, we have to install and configure TSM scheduler & TSM Web-client services. We can do this through BA Client GUI and also through BA Client command-line. In this video we will show it on GUI.

The Backup-Archive Client, the API, and the Web Client are interdependent. If you select the Backup-Archive Client, you must also select the API. Similarly, if you select the Web client, you must also select the Backup-Archive Client and the API.The Backup-Archive Client component includes the client scheduler files.

Installing TSM Schedular and Webclient Services on Windows

To install the Tivoli Storage Manager scheduler, use GUI method or commandline method

GUI Method
  • From the Tivoli Storage Manager GUI click Utilities and then click Setup Wizard. Select the Help me configure the TSM Client Scheduler option.
  • If you have an account that belongs to the Administrator/Domain Administrator group, you can use the TSM Client Service Configuration Utility to configure client services on both local and remote Windows machines.
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Command Line Method
  • Login using an account with administrative privileges.
  • Open a command prompt window and issue the following command:
           cd /d "c:\program files\tivoli\tsm\baclient" 
  • If the path contains a space, for example c:\program files\tivoli\tsm\baclient, enclose the name in double quotes.
  • In the window, issue the following command:
dsmcutil inst scheduler /name:"TSM Client Scheduler" 
/node:mars /password:marspswd /clientdir:"c:\program files\
tivoli\tsm\baclient" /optfile:"c:\program files\tivoli\tsm\
baclient\dsm.opt" /autostart:yes
  • Your system is now ready to run automatic daily incremental backups. The /autostart:yes option specifies that the scheduler service starts automatically each time the system is rebooted. 
  • You can use the /startnow:[Yes|No] option to specify whether to start the scheduler service after executing the command; the default is Yes. 
  • If you specify /startnow:No you must start the service manually using the services control panel applet on NT, or issue the following command:
            net start "TSM Client Scheduler"

Installing & Configuring TSM Scheduler & TSM Webclient Services Video Tutorial

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