TSM L3 Interview Questions by IBM India

Tivoli Storage Manager Latest Interview Questions by IBM India. These questions are asked for L3 level TSM administrators. Most of the questions are scenario and troubleshooting based and there can be one or more answers. Please prepare answers for these questions correctly without confusion. Ask or consult any TSM expert or your manager before answering a difficult question. Hope this post help your interview..... Keep checking this blog for more latest interview questions.

IBM TSM L3 Level Interview Questions

  • What is the difference between 5.5 & 6.x TSM Versions ?
  • Explain about Recovery log structure in TSM 6.x versions ?
  • What is the default Dsmschedlog size ?
  • What is the Clopset, how do you define and explain about it ?
  • What TDP's you have in your environment ? explain their configuration ?
  • What are the different TSM Volume status and what is the meaning of STATUS=PENDING ?
  • Where will you see the reusedelay parameter ?
  • What is the Expiration proecess and its impact ?
  • Tell me about DRM process ?
  • In how many ways u can delete TSM db backup ?
  • How will you schedule to take total SQL DB backup ?
  • Difference between q occupancy and q audit occupancy commands ?
  • What are the new features added to Expire Inventory process ?
  • If Recovery log is 98% when Client backup is going on, what will you do ?
  • Someone has badly configured on client side, and I have to take backup of 3TB,  what I have to do ?
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  • Suppose for one client, required retention period is 30 days, and for another client is  clients 365 days, what are the advantages and disadvantages of sending their backup to same storage pool ?
  • During TSM Db restore in AIX machine, restoration completed 80% and the rest is not able to complete, what might be the causes ?
  • Differences between TSM Backupset and image backup ?
  • What is the TSM Randomization ?
  • what is the TSM resource Utilization ?
  • What are the different types of TSM scheduling modes ?
  • What are the different TSM Server & TSM Client Tuning parameters ?
  • There are 100 tapes that are eligible for reclamation but there are no scratches available, How will you do reclamation ?
  • ANR9999D what does this error code represents ?
  • We have one client machine with 4 nodes with different dsm.opt files, each dsm.opt file will have Servername and nodename only. If suppose each node is assigned to one drive and only one mountpoint is configured, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this configuration ?
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  • Tell me how to configure TSM Storage Agent ?
  • What is Offsite Reclamation ?
  • Long term retentions should be given but it should not archive, how to configure ?
  • Explain about Version Exist, Version Delete, Retention Extra and Retention Only parameters ?
  • Suppose if I give you new tape library and TSM Server, how do you configure ?

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