EMC Storage Area Networks SAN basic L1 and L2 interview questions

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  • Give a few CLI commands of Switch and Storage controller ?
  • What is the maximum out-standing requests in the storage controller ?
  • List some of the key intelligences of the Fibre Channel network ?
  • What are the three SAN deployment topologies ?
  • What are the steps involved for firmware up-gradations ?
  • What is the meaning of Disk controller ?
  • What are the Steps for No single point of failure ?
  • What are the tools used to measure storage performance ?
  • Why Raid 1+0 IS best for Database configuration ?
  • What is your approach in proactive measures ?
  • How you integrate SNMP to Storage to receive alert messages ?
  • What are some benefits of zoning ?
  • How do you achieve maximum protection in a SAN fabric ?
  • Why is the core-to-edge topology preferred in scalable fabric environments ?
  • What is Power path and list Power path policy4 ?
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  • What is Vault drive ?
  • What is the PSM Lun ?
  • What is the Storage Array used in DAS 9 ?
  • Explain iSCSI login and fabric login ?
  • What are the advantages of migration from DAS to SAN 
  • What is Meta LUN ?
  • Explain Clariion architecture ?
  • Explain DMX architecture ?
  • Explain about Enginuity operation layers ?
  • What is hard and soft zoning ?
  • What is WWN number and where it is used ?
  • What is zoning and how to create zoning ?
  • What is VSAN and how to create it ?
  • What are the hardware models of clarion ?
  • What is FCID ?
  • Why and how symmask, symld and symdg are used in DMX ?
  • Can windows, Linux, Solaris share the same FA in DMX ?
  • What is Snap view ?
  • What is Mirror view ?
  • Difference in iSCSI and NAS36. What is IQN ?
  • Explain SAN, NAS and CAS using devices used in these model
  • What is RAID ?
  • Explain RAID3, RAID5 and RAID1/041 ?
  • What is Hot Spare Disk ?

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