Useful AIX commands used for Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)

1) How to start TSM B/A Client schedule services in AIX in background? 

# cd /usr/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin

# nohup dsmc sched  &     

2) How to start TSM web client services in AIX ?

nohup dsmcad &   

3) How to start B/A client in web-browser ?


4) How to start the TSM LANFree storage agent services in AIX ?

# cd  /usr/tivoli/tsm/StorageAgent/bin

# nohup ./dsmsta &        

5) How to check the TSM services are running in AIX ?

ps -ef | grep -i  dsmserv    

6) How to start the TSM services in AIX ?

For TSM 5.5 --> # cd /usr/tivoli/tsm/server/bin
For TSM 6.X --> # cd /opt/tivoli/tsm/server/bin

and then run below command to start in background

./dsmserv &

7) How to kill the TSM services in AIX ?

First check the services by using ---- > ps -ef | grep -i dsmserv

It will list out the process id's, then cancel the process id by using below command

kill -9 <PID no>

8) How to check the tape devices list in AIX ?

lsdev -Cc tape

9) How to check the adapters in AIX ?

lsdev -Cc adapter

10) How to check the errors in OS level in AIX ?

errpt -a 

11) How to check the tape serial number in AIX ?

lscfg -vpl <devicename> (Ex- rmt1)

12) How to create the new file in AIX ?

cat>file name   OR
touch <filename>    OR
vi <filename>

13) How  to read last 200 lines in any file ?

tail -200 <filename>

14) How to check the file size in AIX ?

df -k <filesystemname> (To check in kbs)

df -m <filesystemname>(To check in mbs)

df -g <filesystemname> (To check in gbs)

15) How to verify the list of files in a directory ?

ls -ltr

16) How to change the ownership of the file ?

chown username:groupname <filename>

17) How to copy the file from one dir to another dir ?

cp <filename> /dir/dir/<filename>

18) How to check  the IP address in AIX ?

ifconfig -a

19) How to check the hostname of the server ?

# hostname

20) How to check the communication b/w from one server to another server in AIX ?

ping ipaddress

21) How to check if the port number is working or not in AIX ?

netstat -an <portnumber>

exnetstat -an 1500

22) How to create a new directory in AIX ?

mkdir <directoryname>

23) how to move (cut/paste) the files form one directory to another directory in AIX?

mv   /dir1/dir2<filename>  /dir4/dir5/dir6/<filename>

24) To remove/delete the directory and files in AIX ?

rmdir -r <dirname>       -r --> deletes subdirectories also

25) To check which software applications are installed in AIX ?

To check TSM, run ------- >   lslpp - l tivoli.tsm*

26) How to edit any file, for example dsm.sys file ?

vi dsm.sys

use i to go to insert mode, a to append mode , x to delete letters

27) How to change permissions of a file/directory ?

 # chmod 777 <file/dirname>

28) How to configure tape devices in AIX ?

Running cfgmgr command will scan all the devices attached to the AIX machine

# cfgmgr

29) How to install any software packages in AIX ?

using # smitty installp OR

# installp -agXd /softwares/install.bin
Ex: # installp -agXd .tsmsoft/install.bin

30) How to uninstall software packages for example all the tsm client softwares ?

# smitty remove tivoli.tsm.*

# installp -ug tivoli.tsm.*

Go to /opt/tivoli/tsm/_uninst and run  ./Uninstall_Tivoli_Storage_Manager -i console command 

Tivoli Storage Manager Server on AIX Video Tutorial

4 Responses to "Useful AIX commands used for Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)"

  1. I have a different scenario expecting a bit help here...
    i have 8 LPARS have one
    IBM TS3200 tape library.

    When i fire the command on lpars the following output generates
    lsdev -Cc tape the output is

    rmt0 Available 16-T1-01 IBM 3580 Ultrium Tape Drive (FCP)
    rmt1 Available 16-T1-01 IBM 3580 Ultrium Tape Drive (FCP)
    smc0 Available 16-T1-01 IBM 3573 Tape Medium Changer (FCP)

    but one of my lpars gives the following output

    rmt0 Available 00-00-00 SAS 4mm Tape Drive

    how to add ultrium tape drive to my that particular lpar

    if you can show me or help either way or refer to any post where i can do it myself will be great

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I presume the tape library consists all ULTRIUM tape drives, then how come the lpar is showing different tape device in some Lpar. IF your Lpar is showing wrong information about the tape device then you need to modify it.

    If there is a second library with SAS 4mm tape then you need to configure that library seperately

  4. okay.. we have one media enclosure that is assign to lpar..hence it is showing differently from others
    i can assign or move media(SAS4mm)to other lpar using HMC
    but how can i assign tapes to that particular lpar