Tivoli Storage Manager TSM L3 administrator interview questions and Answers

Below are some of the latest IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Interview Questions asked by IBM  team for L2 and L3 Level TSM administrator positions. we have tried to answer most of the questions, I recommend you to also to prepare your own answers from IBM Redbooks. Each Interview went for about an hour with 30-40 questions to each person. I am only posting 25 questions here, please follow my next posts for more question and answers.....

TSM L3 Interview Questions and Answers:

  • How to check the number of client node counts?
                    select count(*) from nodes
  • How to check the scheduled associations ?
            q assoc
           select * from associations where SCHEDULE_NAME='<schname>' 

  • How to take the sql log backup?
          tdpsqlc backup <dbname> log
  • If you have multiple nodes on tdpsql, how will you take particular node log backup ?
         Login to particular node and take backup, or associate a schedule to that node.   
  • In single AIX machine I need to store 10 nodes data for different servers,  tell me the process?
         create 10 stanzas in dsm.sys and choose those stanzas by mentioning particular                     servername in dsm.opt file.
  • How will you take particular node backup ?
       associate a schedule to that node.   

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  • What is offsite reclamation ?
    offsite reclamation is done by updating the dbreferences of the copy volumes that are present in the vault.
Ex:- if a copy vol consist of 10% valid data the server fetches the primary stg volume which consists of this valid data and takes a backup to a copy volume and update the references to a copy volume.
  • Tell me the TSM Server up-gradation process?
   ->  First take backup of db, volhist, devconfig, dsmserv.opt, dsmserv.dsk.
   ->  Install upgrage tool, go to the path and give the cmd dsmupgrd preparedb, uninstall 5.5. 

   -> Install 6.x, go to up-gradation wizard there it will extract the old db and insert it into new db, dsmupgrd extractdb, dsmupgrd insertdb
  • Tell me the server installation process ?
         Go through the TSM Server Installation Document.
  •  Why we are creating a group & users ?
    To monitor the privileges & permissions of each user in a group on the TSM server instance.
  • Which AIX versions you are using?
  • Which library you are using?
         IBM 3584 Tape Library
  • What is tapeutil command and its uses ?
     Read  for more Tapeutility and Mtlib Commands
    By using tapeutil we can manage libr and drives from os level,it act as tape diagonastic tool, (list cleaning tapes, moving tapes b/w slots, mounting, dismounting, eject).

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tapeutil -f /dev/smc0 elementinfo     Displays element information - library information
tapeutil -f /dev/smc0 inventory     Displays the element status information
tapeutil -f /dev/smc0 inventory -i     Display only the import/export element status information
tapeutil -f /dev/smc0 inventory |grep -p Import     Display only the import/export element status information
tapeutil -f /dev/smc0 inventory |sed -n '/Import/,/^$/p'     Display only the import/export element status information
tapeutil -f /dev/smc0 inventory -i |awk '/Tag/ {if ( $4 != "" ) print $4; else print "IO_SLOT_EMPTY"}'     Display tapes in the I/O door
tapeutil -f /dev/smc0 move X Y     Move tape from slot element number X to slot element number Y
tapeutil -f /dev/smc0 devids     Display device ID element status information for all drives
tapeutil -f /dev/rmt1 status     Query drive status
tapeutil -f /dev/rmt1 vpd     Display drive Vital Product Data (VPD)
tapeutil -f /dev/rmt1 devinfo     Show device information
tapeutil -f /dev/rmt1 path     Check tape and path SCSI information
tapeutil -f /dev/rmt1 fuser     Display which process is using the drive
tapeutil -f /dev/rmt1 mount <element number>     Mount tape from element number on drive rmt0
tapeutil -f /dev/rmt1 unmount <element number>     Dismount tape from element number on drive rmt0
tapeutil -f /dev/rmt1 inqpage 83     Show drive serial

mtlib -l /dev/lmcp0 -qL     Library status
mtlib -l /dev/lmcp0 -A     Library address information
mtlib -l /dev/lmcp0 -qS     Library information and statistical data
mtlib -l /dev/lmcp0 -DE     Display drives information
mtlib -l /dev/lmcp0 -qM     Show mounted tapes
mtlib -l /dev/lmcp0 -vqI     Category codes for tapes - tapes information
mtlib -l /dev/lmcp0 -qV -V VolName     Information about tape
mtlib -l /dev/lmcp0 -vqV -V VolName     Information about tape (verbose)
mtlib -l /dev/lmcp0 -qI     List tapes
mtlib -l /dev/lmcp0 -qD -f /dev/rmt1     Drive status
mtlib -l /dev/lmcp0 -a -V VolName     Barcode, examine tape to assure that it is physically in library
mtlib -l /dev/lmcp0 -vqK -s FFFD     Number of 3590 cleaning tapes
mtlib -l /dev/lmcp0 -qC -s FFFD     List 3590 cleaning tapes
mtlib -l /dev/lmcp0 -qC -s FFF4     List 3592 cleaning tapes
mtlib -l /dev/lmcp0 -C -V VolName -s<current category> -t<new category>     Change volume category
mtlib -l /dev/lmcp0 -vC -V VolName -t FFFB     Remove tape from 3494 inventory
mtlib -l /dev/lmcp0 -vC -V VolName -t FF10     Eject tape
mtlib -l /dev/lmcp0 -f /dev/rmt0 -m -V VolName     Mount tape
mtlib -l /dev/lmcp0 -m -x drive_serial -V VolName     Mount tape
mtlib -l /dev/lmcp0 -f /dev/rmt0 -d     Dismount tape
mtlib -l /dev/lmcp0 -x device_serial -d     Dismount tape

  • How to move volume from one slot to another slot using tapeutil ?
         tapeutil -f /dev/smc0 move x y
  • How will you do cartridge cleaning?
    ->checkin libvolume Lib_Name Clening_tape_name status=cleaner cleanings=10 checklabel=no

    ->update drive Library_name drive_name cleanfrequency=100 (cleanfrequency parameter Gigabytes / ASNEEDED / NONE)
   -> clean drive librname drivename

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  • How to define a  client schedule & what is the first line in shell script?
    Define sched domainname schedname  action= incre/full startdate=today     starttime=now+2:00   
    firstline in shell script:-    #!/bin/sh
  • How will you check the drm copy storage pool ?
        q drmst
  • Today I need to send tapes to offsite how ?
    move drm *  wherestate=mountable tostate=vault
  • How to move volumes from vault to vaultretrieve?
    after expiration and reclamation the tapes automatically changes from vault to vaultretrieve
  • What is the process to do  if you get 100 new scratch volumes?
    -> Insert the tapes in the library slots
   ->  Label libvol <libr name> search=yes checkin=scratch labelsource=barcode

  • While labeling why you are giving labelsource=barcode?
    For writing the barcode name on the tape
  • In which command will you create the devconfig.out in Lanfree?
       dsmsta setstorageserver myname=.........

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