Tivoli Storage Manager Extended Edition Basics and Features Overview - Video Tutorial

Tivoli Storage Manager Extended Edition adds disaster recovery planning capability for the server, NDMP control for network-attached storage (NAS) filers, and support for larger capacity tape libraries and more tape drives. Tivoli Storage Manager is an enterprise level software from IBM Tivoli family where protects you from the risks of data loss and helps you reduce complexity, manage costs and address compliance with data retention and availability requirements. 

IBM TSM basic components include TSM Database, Recoverylog and Storagepools. TSM Database contains the metadata of client backups, Recoverylog contains the current DB transaction details whereas Storagepools are logical group of tape volumes where actual client backups are stored
Topics in the below video include the role of the TSM database, storage pool basics, progressive incremental backup methodology, policy management, and disaster recovery management.

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In this below Video the starting and use of the TSM command line and GUI interfaces for Tivoli Storage Manager 6.3 are described and demonstrated. It demonstrates how to take Backup/Restore using different TSM interfaces.

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