How to configure Tivoli Storage Manager TSM Tape Library

Tivoli Storage Manager uses a removable storage media to store the clients backup and archived files. TSM supports many types of tape libraries & removable media, mostly 90% of all the storage media which are available in the market. These removable medias should correctly attached and configured with TSM servers for storing clients backups. Any mismatch configuration would results in failing of client backups.

To use a SCSI library for storage in Tivoli Storage Manager server setup, you should follow these below tasks
  1. Set the appropriate SCSI ID for each drive and for the library or medium-changer.
  2. Physically attach the devices to the server hardware.
  3. Install and configure the appropriate device drivers for the library.
  4. Determine the device names that are needed to define the library to Tivoli Storage Manager.
Drives with different device types are supported in a single library if you define a device class for each type of drive. If you are configuring this way, you must include the specific format for the drive's device type by using the FORMAT parameter with a value other than DRIVE.

How to configure removable devices in TSM

  • Plan for the device by reviewing your storage requirements and hardware environment.
  • Attach the device to the server system, and ensure that the appropriate device driver is installed and configured (Atape device drivers on AIX).
  • Define libraries, drives, paths, device classes, storage pools, and storage volume objects to Tivoli Storage Manager by using below commands
          DEFINE LIBRARY command
          DEFINE DRIVE command
          DEFINE PATH command (path from server to library & drives)
          DEFINE DEVCLASS command
          DEFINE STGPOOL command

  • Define the Tivoli Storage Manager policy that links client data with media for the device. Define or update the policy that associates clients with the pool of storage volumes and the device.
          DEFINE DOMAIN command
          DEFINE POLICYSET command
          DEFINE MGMTCLASS command
          DEFINE COPYG command
  • As an alternative to creating or modifying a Tivoli Storage Manager policy, you can place the new storage pool in the storage pool migration hierarchy by updating an already defined storage pool.
              UPDATE STGPOOL command

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  • Prepare storage volumes for use by the device. At a minimum, you must label volumes for the device. For SCSI, 349X, and ACSLS libraries, add the volumes to the device's volume inventory by checking in the volumes.
         LABEL LIBVOL command
        CHECKIN LIBVOL command

  • Each volume used by a server for any purpose must have a unique name. This applies to volumes that reside in different libraries, volumes used for storage pools, and volumes used for operations such as database backup or export.
  • Register clients to the domain associated with the policy that you defined or updated in the preceding step. 
  • After you have attached and defined your devices, you can store client data in two ways:
  1. Have clients back up data directly to tape.Configuring policy for direct-to-tape backups. 
  2. Have clients back up data to disk. The data is later migrated to tape.
You can also configure devices using the device configuration wizard in the Administration Center.

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