5.8 TSM Node Replication Introduction and Features

TSM Node Replication Overview

The purpose of node replication is to maintain the same level of files on the Tivoli Storage Manager source replication server and the Tivoli Storage Manager target replication servers. 

As part of replication processing, client node data that is deleted from the source replication server is also deleted from the target replication server. When client node data is replicated, only the data that is not on the target replication server is copied.

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If a disaster occurs, and the Tivoli Storage Manager source replication server is temporarily unavailable, client nodes can recover their data from the Tivoli Storage Manager target replication server. If the source replication server is unrecoverable, you can convert client nodes for store operations on the target replication server. You can replicate the following types of client node data
  • Active and inactive backup data together, or only active backup data
  • Archive data
  • Data that is migrated to a source replication server by Tivoli Storage Manager for Space Management clients
You can use only Tivoli Storage Manager v6.3 or later servers for node replication. However, you can replicate data for client nodes that are v6.3 or earlier. You can also replicate data that is stored on a Tivoli Storage Manager v6.2 or earlier server before you upgraded it to v6.3.

Node replication Features

  • Provides the ability to incrementally replicate a node’s data to a remote target server for disaster recover purposes.
  • Replicates only directories and files that do not exist on the target server, true incremental replication.
  • Deletes data on target server that is deleted on the source server.
  • Replicates data according to replication rules.
  • Replication occurs between a source and target server.
  • A source server can have only one replication target server.
  • A target server can be the replication target for more than one source server.
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Check the below 2 videos to know more about TSM Node Replication.

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