EMC Clariion (SAN) Interview Questions

  • Explain Clariion architecture ?
    emc clariion interview questions
  • Hardware Models of Clariion ?
  • What are the differences between Clariion CX-3 series and CX-4 Series ?
  • What are the Hardware components of Clariion ?
  • What are the management tools for Clariion ?
  • How to Initialize Clariion Array ?
  • What is Access Logix and How do you enable it ?
  • Why Access Logix has to be enabled ?
  • What are Vault drives and how much capacity they use ?
  • What is CMI (Clariion Message Interface) ?  
  • What are the I/O Operations in Clariion ?
  • Use of SPs ?
  • What is Storage array in Clariion ?
  • Create Storage group ?
  • How to manually restore failed paths in Clariion ?
  • How do you gather SP Collects ?
  • How do you upgrade the NaviSphere Manager ?
  • What are steps to assign a LUN to existing Host ?
  • Explain step by step procedure for storage provision to the new host ?
  • How do create capacity planning reports in Clariion ?
  • What is HEAT report ?
  • How do you enter into the Engineering Mode and what are the activities we can perform in Engineering Mode ?
  • How do you create a meta LUN ?
  • Explain step by step procedure for LUN migration ?
  • What is Private LUN Pool ?
  • What is Reserved LUN Pool ? 
  • How do you deregister the hosts from NaviSphere ?
  • How do you create a user and assign access rights ?
  • How do you monitor Clariion alerts ?
  • What is the recommended ration of Read and Write cache?

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