Use this DB2 command to extend TSM DB space when the TSM server is down or unable to startup

It is possible to add extra filesystems to the existing TSM server to increase the TSM database size. You can increase the TSM database size while the TSM server is in both online and offline state. Use the extend dbspace command when the TSM server is in online state after making sure that filesystem is mounted and available for use. Otherwise, if you have enough down time available you can also halt the TSM server and add the TSM DB filesystem entry in the dsmserv.opt file and then restart the TSM server. This will pick the new added filesystem and add it to the TSM database directory list.  Once the new filesystem is added you need to rebalance the DB2 so that all the DB filesystems have the same utilization. 

But the above two procedures can be done only if the TSM server is in good condition, i.e having enough space in TSM DB to do the other server activities. With the Tivoli Storage Manager Server up and running it is possible to assign a new filesystem to the DB using extend dbspace command. But when the Tivoli Storage Manager Server is down this command is not available.

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Lets imagine a situation where one of the TSM DB filesystem size reached to 100% and your TSM server is now down. The above discussed steps cannot be done since TSM server instance cannot start. In these situations follow the below steps to add new DB filesystem and increase the TSM DB size.

How to extend TSM DB space when TSM Server is in offline

Usually this situation should not occur and the DB filesystem usage needs to be monitored in regular intervals. This situation might occur during high peak backup activity. So make sure you always check the TSM DB size and its corresponding filesystem sizes. To assign additional space to the DB2 when the server is down follow these steps.

  • Add a new filesystem to the Operating System with the same size of the existing assigned filesystems.
  • For the following steps at least 200 MB need to be available in the existing DB filesystems.
  • Login as the Tivoli Storage Manager instance owner and run
- db2 connect to TSMDB1
- db2 ALTER DATABASE TSMDB1 ADD STORAGE ON <path_new_filesystem>
  • After completing the previous commands start the Tivoli Storage Manager Server.
  • Use the following command to verify whether the new filesystem was added successfully
- query dbs
  • When the new path is shown in the "q dbs" output you have to rebalance the DB. This means that the DB containers get distributed to all available paths. 
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  1. but it dont work on windows tryed with "d:\db1"
    SQL0007N The character "\" following is not valid