IBM AIX scenario based and troubleshooting interview questions

Below are some of the latest AIX L2 and L3 Interview Questions by IBM. Topics covers most of the AIX core concepts. We have gathered most of the scenario based and troubleshooting questions asked in the interview. These questions were asked by IBM SME's..... Hope this post helps someone in their interview......

AIX L2 and L3 Interview Questions

  • What is the configuration file for paging device ?
  • What is Audit file and location ?
  • How to activate the paging ?
  • What is sysdump ?
  • How to configure the primary dump ?
  • How to delete the sysdump ?
  • If one Ethernet adapter fails, How do you replace it in vios server ?
  • In NPIV,  4 port adapter are there and one port fails, how do you replace the adapter ?
  • What are the policy in HACMP ?
  • In HACMP the node is working fine, Did some changes in cluster and synchronized it but it fails and i dont have previous snapshot, How do you get back to normal or previous configuration ?
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  • In HACMP synchronisation fails but it was locked with synchronisation how to release the lock ?
  • Auto mount file which file read ?
  • How to set password which never expire ?
  • How to move I/O adapter which is in desired mode from one lpar to another lpar ?
  • What are the deamons for DLPAR ?
  • How to check if the DLPAR is working or not ?
  • What is capped & uncapped ?
  • What is virtual processor ?
  • How to create hmc user ?
  • How to login into pesh shell in hmc ?
  • What is hscpe in hmc ?
  • How to do offline with snapshot migration ?
  • When try to Synchronising HACMP i got error , after i rectify that again ill try to Synchronize  but again i get error , How do you troubleshoot this ?
  • How to rollback to my pervious configuration without snapshot ?
  • One file system mounted in nfs , one client can read and another client cant write anything what is the reason ?
  • How will your datavgname ?

AIX Scenario Based & Troubleshooting Questions

  • There are 4 pv’s in a vg , which pv’s are got corrupted how would you confirm and how will you resolve this ?
  • One PV is showing as a missing state in a vg how will you recover it?
  • How will you confirm a vg is normal or big vg and scalable vg?
  • How will you convert normal vg to big vg ?
  • I have a pv with 1 TB (1024 GB), I want to create  a normal vg by using this pv,  how much PP size it will take, explain this scenario?
  • What is the significance of t-factor?
  • How will you convert jfs type filesystem to jfs2 type filesystem?
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  • What is the significance of persistent ip in the HACMP cluster and Which version you are using in HACMP cluster? 
  • I have 2 node cluster, one of the node in cluster  is down then Persistent ip in that node is pingable or not ?
  • I have 2 node cluster, one of my node is down then serviceip is pingable or not and it is accessible or not ?
  • I have four node cluster,  one of my base ip is down in accessible  node,  then the service ip is accessible or not, if it is accessible from where it is accessible ?
  • In the above scenario the entire network is  down then what is the solution ?
  • In one ASMI one lpar is there,  I want to move the same lpar but it has different ASMI, how will you do it? Down time is required ?
  • In the above scenario I don’t want downtime then how will you do it?
  • What do you check before doing LPM?
  • From which Power VM onwards LPM will supports? Is it support for P7 core also?
  • In one core my lpar is created with dedicated processor, then it is possible to move to other core by using LPM?
  • How will you see the HMC version?
  • I have HMC, how will I get the # prompt through HMC?
  • By using command line in HMC console the lpar is able to open but through GUI  I cant able to open then how can you troubleshoot it?

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