Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Basic Components Poster

This below Tivoli Storage Manager Basic Concepts poster shows the brief description of all the major components in in one single image. You can download this image and can be used as a quick guide if you are going for any interviews or can also be used for any  presentations.  This poster is prepared by IBM itself for general Educational purposes. This poster covers the following concepts.....
  • TSM Server Basic Components
  • TSM Client Operations
  • Explains different types of TSM Client Backup Methods
  • TSM Library Volumes (Scratch & Private)
  • Client Include/Exclude List Information
  • Tape Efficient management
  • Checkin & Checkout of Tapes
  • Tivoli Storage Manager Policy Management
  • Importing and Exporting Techniques
  • Migration, Expiration and Reclamation Techniques
  • Hierarchal Storage Concepts and Server Storage 
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TSM components poster

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