Follow these steps to install and configure Atape device drivers on AIX server

We should install Atape Device drivers on AIX to use tape library and tape drives attached to the TSM Server. Install the most current Tivoli Storage Manager device driver. The driver must be configured before using the Tivoli Storage Manager server with tape devices. You can locate IBM device drivers at the Fix Central website.

  • Go to the Fix Central website:
  • Select Storage Systems for the Product Group.
  • Select Tape Systems for the Product Family.
  • Select Tape device drivers and software for the Product Type.
  • Select Tape device drivers for the Product.
  • Select your operating system for the Platform.
Use the following commands to Install Atape drivers, Configure the tape devices, list the tape devices and uninstall Atape drivers

Install and commit the Atape driver. For example, if you downloaded the file to /tmp/Atape.
installp -acXd /tmp/Atape. all

Configure the tape device:

cfgmgr -v

(-v is not required but will show where it hangs if it does) 

Verify the new devices are Available:

lsdev -Cc tape 

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(Note: While not always absolutely necessary, it is strongly recommended to reboot the system after upgrading the Atape.driver) 

Remove the older Atape driver (optional):

installp -u Atape.driver

An example screenshot on how to use the above commands to get the information is shown below

Installing Atape device drivers

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