IBM AIX HACMP and VIOS interview questions

Below are some of the latest AIX Interview questions asked by IBM. These are L2 and L3 AIX Interview Questions. Questions covers basic AIX Administration, HACMP and VIOS Server topics. Please prepare your own answers, hope it helps..............

L2 and L3 AIX Interview Questions on HACMP and VIOS

  • Tell me about your technical background ?
  • What are the precautions you have to take before migration?
  • Oracle 9i is running after migration from 5.3 to 6.1 , application team is not able to access , what are the possible reasons?
  • After migration how do you know migration is successful or not?
  • How do you know backup will work or not which is taken before migration ?
  • Custer goes into barrier state ?how will u troubleshoot?
  • RG goes into error state, it is not going to move ? how will u troubleshoot?
  • What is cluster ST_INIT ?
  • What is cluster ST_VOTING?
  • What is control channel?
  • If  VIO server has 4 sea how many control channels are required?
  • The adapters which are going into  participate sea have to select check box of one of the field, what is that?
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  • Why we have select access external network?
  • I have created 4 lpars but sea is not created what will happen ?
  • How can you increase max processing units value in caped mode?
  • One file  with data 10GB  exits,  I have reduced it to 5GB  but still it is showing 7GB?
  • npiv configuration?
  • Which wwpn will you share with storage team?
  • What is the vlan id for the control channel?
  • How will you see wwpn numbers after npiv configuration?
  • After sharing wwpn number with storage guys they assigned LUN to lpar but it is not appearing at  client side , what are the reasons?
  • While restoring the mksysb of one server into another new server, ip address and hostname conflicts are occurred, how will you proceed?
  • What is use of user limits file?
  • How will you see the wwpn number for running lpar?
  • How will you see the wwpn number of new lpar?
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  • For new lpar how many wwpn number you can find how many wwpn no.s? why they are used for it? 
  • How will you convert the jfs filesystem to jfs2 filesystem?
  • What are the precautions for vios upgradation?
  • While creating the virtual Ethernet adapter for SEA what we have to select for that adapter?
  • In dual which is primary?
  • After upgradation of vios lpar showing some pv are in missing. To avoid that how will you configure it?
  • In HACMP cluster DMS, when it will happen?
  • Explain HACMP upgradation?
  • In dual vios for sea adapter ha_mode ? 
  • If ha_mode is sharing what will happen?
  • We have 4 lpars with same vlan , but sea is not configured, what will happen?

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