How to restore TSM FastBack Exchange Individual Email and .PST file - Video Tutorial

Points to remember while doing this FB Exchange Individual Email restore process:

Define the correct FastBack server IP address in the FastBack client configuration.If the NIC interfaces on the FastBack server have IP addresses that belong to different networks, use the route command on the FastBack client computers to connect to the correct FastBack server IP address. It is best practice to maintain single NIC card on FastBack server to restrict annoying problems like this

Example (Windows):
route add <fastback address="" ip="" server=""> <fastback address="" gateway="" ip="" server="">

The <fastback address="" ip="" server=""> is the IP address of the NIC to which the FastBack server service is assigned.

The <fastback address="" gateway="" ip="" server=""> is the IP address of the FastBack server NIC, which is connected to the same network with the FastBack client.

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FastBack Client doesn't connect to FastBack Server even though the correct IP address of the server is specified in FastBack Client Configurator. This problem happens in case that hostname of the server cannot be resolved by specified IP address.

Add hostname and IP address into hosts file of the client machine, or specifies DNS server in the property panel of Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) to resolve hostname by IP address.


After you install Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack Server software, any drive you attach to the FastBack server will need to be opened for read/write privileges before being used.

If you use the "Add Repository Wizard" to add a disk to the Repository, you can select to add the whole disk to the repository, and FastBack Manager will open the disk for read/write for you, so you do not have to perform the DiskOpen.

If you plan to add the volume (e:\(New Volume) in this case), you must use the DiskOpen utility.

Warning: Attaching a disk with existing data to the FastBack server is not recommended since the existing data might get corrupted.

A FastBack for Exchange restore fails with MAPI Error even when the Storage Group Database is mounted. The following error message is displayed:

"FBSX7059E Error enumerating items in mailbox.
Ensure that Storage Group Database is mounted."

Complete the actions in the following checklist to resolve the problem:
·       Ensure that a mailbox exists.
·       Ensure that the mailbox is active. In other words, you can log into this mailbox and you can send or receive messages.
·       Ensure that you have sufficient privileges to access mailbox.
·       Ensure that the Exchange server where the mailbox database is located is accessible.
·       Ensure that the Microsoft Information Store service is running.
·       Ensure that the Microsoft Exchange System Attendant service is running.
·       Ensure that For Exchange 2010, the RPC Client Service is running.

After you verify all of these checks, install ExchangeMAPICDO again.

On Exchange Server 2010, restore of an individual mailbox fails with this message:

"Mailbox restore failed. ACN5909E The MAPI subsystem logon has failed.
Please check that you have an active mailbox and sufficient privileges for this operation."

Resolving the problem
Due to Microsoft changes in Exchange Server 2010, it was necessary to have both the Client Access Server Role and the Mailbox Server Role installed on the machine where the Data Protection for Exchange mailbox restore is being performed. This limitation only exists until the following fixes are applied.

Microsoft has corrected this problem and the fix is included in the Exchange 2010 SP1 Rollup 2 release. The Data Protection Exchange client will also need to be upgraded to version or greater as indicated in APAR IC73387. After both of these fixes are in place, then the Mailbox Restore will be able to be performed when the Client Access Server and Mailbox Server roles are on separate machines within the Exchange 2010 environment.

If the Data Protection for Exchange has been upgraded, but not the Exchange Server software, it is possible to set the CLIENTACCESSserver parameter in the tdpexc.cfg file to point to the CAS Server directly. This will also allow the individual mailbox restore to process when running on an Exchange 2010 Server that has not been upgraded to SP1 Rollup2 or greater.

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  1. Is it necessary to keep one NIC card in the Fastback server? Because my friend is saying it is not mandatory at all. So, I need clarification and please shed some light on this matter.

    Silvester Norman
    Change MAC Address

  2. It is not mandatory but to stop getting us into problems it is best practice to maintain 1 NIC card if you have an option. If you dont have this option then we should be careful while defining correct IP address in FB server and FB Clients. Use route command as shown above in the starting of the post.

    But I personally recommend to use only 1 NIC to make things easier..... All The Best