Tivoli Storage Manager Frequently asked Interview Question and Answers

1) How will you checkin & Chechout volumes in library?

checkin libvolume library_name volume_name search=no/yes/bulk status=private/scratch
Checkout libvolume library_name volume_name remove=bulk/yes/no

2) How will you move copy storage pools to offsite in DRM?

1)Back up the primary storage pool to copy storage pool
2)Back up the tsm database
3)move drm states
4)run prepare command
5)move drm media to offsite
6)get the media from offsite.

Mountable to not mountable
Not mountable to courier
Courier to vault
Vault to vault+retrieve
Vault+retrieve to  onsiteretreive

3) what is collactaion ?

collocation is the process of sending the similar node data or group of nodes or file space data to minimum no of tapes. The advantage of collocaton is fast restoration and Disadvantage is  migration is slow.

Define collocation collacgroupname
Def collacmember collacgroupname node1,node2,node3………

4) what is cloptset ?

cloptset is mainly for multiple clients,if u want to exclude the same directory  from multiple clients while taking the backup then go for cloptset.

Define cloptset cloptsetname
Define clientopt optionsetname optionvalue 

5) what  is Backup set ?

Backupset is a group of active files that can be stored in portable medium the advantage of backupset is While restoring to the client we can restore it without tsm server and network.

Define backupset nodename  backupsetname   devc=dviceclassname  volume=volnme

6) what is move data command ?

to move the data from one volume to another volume with in a same storage pool or to another storage pol. 

Movedata   volumename   fromstg=stgname  tostg=stgname

7) move node data command ?

used to move entire file spaces of a node from  one storage fool to another storage pool.

Move nodedata nodename  tostg=stgname
8) what are the types of backups ?

full backup,incremental backup, sel, differential backup, imge backup,journal based backup,group backup

9) what are the types of backups in TDP domino and tdp sql ?

in tdp domino  sel , inc
in tdp sql full,inc,log, full plus log,differential.

10) How can u restore a file  to a particular date and time ?

restore  pitdate=date pittime=time  filepath

11)what is serialization ?

serialization a concept for how to treat the client data while taking the backup .
Serialization parameters are static, shared static, dynamic, shared dynamic
By default it is shared static.

12) What are modes ?

There are 2 types of modes  - modified/absolute
modified=back up only the only files which are changed since last backup,
absolute: backup the files regardless whether it modified or not since the last backup.

13) what are the types of backups ?

Full backup: backup all the files at every backup.
Incremental backup:backup the files which are changed since the last backup.
Selective: backup the files which are changed since last backup regardless whether they are changed since the last backup.
Image backup: full volume backup
Image with differential backup: full volume backup which can be folllwed by subsequent differential backup.
Adaptive subfile backup: back up only part of the file that was changed since the last backup.
Group backup: backup the files that u specified as a named groupfiles can be one or more filespaces.
Journal based backup: in this method first u have to install journal engine .journal engine keeps the changed files.
Image backup: dsmc backup image H:
Compression: this compresses the file before u send them to server.compressing the file reduces the data storage of your backup data.

14) audit volume ?

we will audit the volume when the volume is damaged
if the volume is not being accessed for a long period of time, any read errors occurs while accessing the volume.

audit volume volume name fix=yes/no

Yes: any database record that refers to a file are found with logical inconsistency that file is marked as damaged.
No: any data base record that refers to a file are find with logical inconsistency the data base records that refer to a file are deleted from the data base.

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15) what is auditing library ?

auditing library to recover the mismatches between home element addresses between the database inventory and library inventory.
Command: audit library libraryname checklabel =barcode.

16) procees to store the data on a tape?

Label the data and check in into the library
Use that tapes
Checkout form the library
Move that tapes to offsite
Bring the offsite tapes to onsite and reuse it

17) onsite tape management to offsite ?

Backup up the data to copy storage pools
List out the volumes to be send to offsite
Update their location to offsite
Checkout from the library

18) what is macro ?

macro is a file that can be stored in administrative client machine.
Create a macro to enter a command can be helpful whwn u want to issue a command repeatedly to issue the command that contain several parameters
Synatax: macro macroname substitution value.
Macro can be changed dynamically.

19) what will u do when the tsm server crashed ?

Try to restart the server if it is not starting the create db and log volumes using dsmfmt
Then try to restart the server, if it is still failing to start then restore the database using
dsmserv restore db up to current state.
dsmserv restore db todate –today totime=now

20) How can u check the activitylog data for last two days ?

q actlog begind=-2

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21) How to delete last two days data base backup information?

delete volhist type=dbb begindate=-4 enddate=-2


Back up the primary storage pool to copy storage pool
Backup the tsm server database
Update the disaster recovery plan
Move the data from disk to tape
Remove the expired data from server storage
Reclaim the fragmented tapes by consolidating active data

23) How to restorea backup set?

Restore backupset sourcefilespec destinationfilespec  backupsetname=bksetname  loc= server/file/table


MIGrate STGpool pool_name LOwmig = number __ DUration = minutes REClaim = No REClaim = No Yes Wait = No Wait = No Yes


RECLaim STGpool pool_name THreshold = number _ RECLAIM STGPOOL Chapter 2. Administrative commands 887
DUration = minutes Wait = No Wait = No Yes __ OFFSITERECLAIMLimit = number_of_volumes

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