Latest SAN Interview Questions

Below are the common and frequently asked Storage Area Network (SAN) questions in interviews. Because these are the general SAN questions, these questions will be helpful for any Storage Vendor specific interviews.

SAN Interview Questions

If you dont know the answers for these questions, please refer Storage Area Network (SAN) Basic Tutorials.

  • What are switch ports.
  • What is RAID?
  • What are the different types of RAID levels?
  • What is Min and Max drives in RAID 0 , RAID1, RAID3, RAID4, RAID5, RAID6?
  • What are the SAN Protocols?
  • What is the command to find Principle Switch?
  • What is the command to find Active Configuration?
  • How many Active Configuration in Fabric?
  • How many max switches in Fabric?
  • What is FCID?
  • What is FC Address?
  • What is HBA?
  • What is SFP?
  • What are the different types of Zones?
  • What is FLOGI and PLOGI?
  • What are FC Layers?
  • What are the Class of Services?
  • What is WWNN and WWPN ?
  • What is ISL?
  • What is Trunking ?
  • What is the Command to Enable Trunkport?
  • What is NPIV?
  • What are the zone creation Commands?
  • What is the command to find switch issues?
  • What is the command to change the PORT speed?
  • Command to Change Switch Domain ID?
  • How to enable the Principle Switch with command?
  • What are the HBA Tool’s?
  • What is FC protocol?
  • What is LUN?
  • What are the different types of Disk types?
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