3.3 Taking Tivoli Storage Manager V7 database backup

Without the database, you cannot back up or restore your data, so you should take the TSM database backup in regular intervals in order to secure the TSM infrastructure. Backing up the TSM database with a daily automated schedule or manually as needed, ensures the Tivoli Storage Manager environment can function correctly. The TSM database holds all the transaction information, such as the node data backup locations. When the TSM database is backed up, the recovery log is also backed up. Without the database and recovery log, node data cannot be restored.

Other metadata stored in the TSM database including defined schedules, policy definitions, and server settings are also required for TSM server operations. Without this information, the server cannot function.

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Prerequisites for TSM V7 database backups
1) Starting TSM V6, you should use the set dbrecovery command to specify the device class to use for database backups
set dbrecovery <name of device class for database backup>
Example: set dbrecovery dbbackup

2) If you do not use the set dbrecovery command before the first database backup runs, the backup fails. You only need to use the set dbrecovery command when you have a new device class.

3) If you perform a database backup and use a device class other than the one that you specified in the set dbrecovery command, an error message occurs, but the backup still runs and finishes successfully.

Taking a TSM V7 database backup

The first database backup is always a full backup. Backups of the database are scheduled as part of a scripted daily server maintenance process. Only full database backups empty the archive log. To back up the Tivoli Storage Manager database to sequential media, use the following command
backup db devclass=<devcname>

Taking TSM V7 database backup through Operations Center

Step 1: In the servers table, select a server and choose Back Up action.

Step 2:
• In BackUp Database dialog, choose backup type, full or dbsnapshot, and choose an available device class on which the data is backed up.

• If you want to set the selected deviceclass to be the default deviceclass for next backup action, you may want to check the checkbox below.

• Click BackUp button to start backup progress.

Taking TSM DB backup in Operations center

Step 3: TSM Operations Center shows the database backup task started. You can choose
the Close & View Tasks to view backup result.

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