2.3 Installing and Configuring IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Operations Center

You can use the IBM Installation Manager to install the Operations Center hub server. The Operations Center uses the hub server as the primary management platform for all the servers it monitors and manages. The Operations Center is only installed and configured on the hub Tivoli Storage Manager server representing the hub. 

The other servers report their status and monitoring information to the hub server which coordinates with the Operations Center to show this information.  Remember starting from TSM V6.4, there is no TSM Admin Center, it is replaced by TSM Operations Center. You have to use this for future releases.

Tivoli Storage Manager Operations Center V7.1 Installation and configuration

Key functions of the Operations Center include the following

1) Collecting status and monitoring data and lifecycle management of alerts that:
  • Notifies the Operations Center as alerts occur
  • Emails alerts directly to designated administrator, if configures
  • A data collection engine consolidates view of multiple TSM servers
2) Register new clients to Tivoli Storage Manager including selecting a policy and associating to a schedule.

3) Manually start a backup for selected client.

4) Perform server database backup.

5) Cancel specific sessions and processes.

6) Edit properties for clients, servers, and global settings.

7) View details of Tivoli Storage Manager server, including view to sessions and processes.

8) Assign different classes of Tivoli Storage Manager administrators to accomplish various tasks.

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Additional Tivoli Storage Manager servers can be monitored through Operation Center’s hub and spoke model. The original Tivoli Storage Manager server you defined to connect with the Operation Center is considered the hub, additional Tivoli Storage Manager servers are considered the spokes. In order to define a spoke server, you must be logged onto the Operations Center as a system administrator that is defined on both the Hub and Spoke server. Each server collects its own data, but the hub server also collects the spoke servers’ data. Depending on if a define sever definition has already been done on the hub server for the spoke servers, you might be prompted for the server password.

Some considerations for installing the hub are as follows
  • The 7.1.0 Operations Center requires the hub to be a 7.1.0 TSM server.
  • Spoke servers can be at version 6.3.4 through version 7.1.
  • A spoke server can not be at a higher version than the hub server.
  • Down level spoke servers are reflected as such in the Operations Center
The default ports are 11080 for http, and 11090 for https.

Once installed, you can log in with your administrator ID and password.

Watch the below video to learn how to install and configure Tivoli Storage Manager Operations Center V7.

Watch the below video to learn how to use Tivoli Storage Manager Operations Center V7

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