How to install and configure IBM Tivoli Data Protection for Lotus Domino (TDP Domino)

Before you install Tivoli Data Protection for Lotus Domino Mail Server (TDP for Domino) in a Windows environment, make sure your system meets the minimum hardware, software and operating system requirements. You need to install compatible TSM Backup Archive Client and API software before installing TDP Domino Software. Data Protection for Domino must be installed from an account that is a member of the local Administrators group for the machine on which the Domino server is running.

Installing Tivoli Data Protection for Lotus Domino 

1) First, Log on as an administrator. Go to the path where the TDP Domino executable file is located and double click the .exe setup files. 

2) Select the language in which to perform the installation as shown below.

select language packages
Click OK to start the installation program.

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3) Read the License Agreement. You must accept the License Agreement in order for Data Protection for Domino to install successfully.

4) After accepting the License Agreement, click Next and choose the folder where you would like to install Data Protection for Domino. It is recommended to choose the default path only unless you have different configuration requirements.

tdp domino install directory

The default installation directory is C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\Domino\

5) New, select the setup type, default is TYPICAL. If you want to install only selected products choose CUSTOM option and then click NEXT.

tdp domino setup type

6) On the next screen click INSTALL to start the installation process. 

tdp domino install

Then click Finish to complete installation.

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7) You can also upgrade from a previous version of the software by using the same procedure. After installing or upgrading the IBM Tivoli Data Protection for Lotus Domino, the next step is to configure the TDP Domino to run a manual or scheduled Domino Mail server backups.

Configuring IBM Tivoli Data Protection for Lotus Domino

1) Data Protection for Domino communicates with several product APIs in order to complete various functions. The Tivoli Storage Manager API is accessed in order for Data Protection for Domino to communicate with the Tivoli Storage Manager server. The Domino API is accessed in order to communicate with the Domino server during database operations, and DB2 enabled Notes data is accessed by communicating with the DB2 Recovery API. The communication protocols and option parameters are specified in the dsm.opt options file.

2) Change to the C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\domino directory. Rename the dsm.smp file to dsm.opt. Edit the dsm.opt file to include these options

tdp dom dsm.opt

3) Register the TDP node to the Tivoli Storage Manager server with the following command
         REG NODE <tdpdomnode> password 
4) To register the licenses during configuration, copy the license file (domclient.lic) to the default installation location.

tdp domino license file

5)  If a password file for the Domino user ID does not exist then you need  to store the TDP node password. The easy way to store the PASSWORD locally is through GUI, open TDP DOMINO GUI or by using command “domdsm” from default installation path as shown below.


or through GUI

How to install and configure Tivoli Data Protection for IBM Lotus Domino (TDP Domino)

6) Verify that you can communicate with the Domino Server by running the domdsmc query domino command.

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7) Verify that you can communicate with the Tivoli Storage Manager server by running the domdsmc query adsmserver command as shown below.

domdsmc query adsm

8) Data Protection for Domino is now ready for backup and restore processing. You can use either GUI or command line to take backup or restore.

9) The important configuration files for TDP Domino are shown below. These are located in the default installation directory.

tdp domino config giles

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