New features and updates in IBM Spectrum Protect Version 7.1

TSM Server Database (db2) upgrade to V10.5
In Tivoli Storage Manager Version 7.1, DB2 was upgraded to V10.5. If you are upgrading the server, you must ensure that the correct version of DB2 is installed. If you are using a Tivoli Storage Manager V6.1 server, and you want to upgrade to V7.1, you must upgrade the V6.1 server to V6.2 or V6.3. Then, upgrade the server from V6.2 or V6.3 to V7.1. The Tivoli Storage Manager V6.1 server was packaged with a DB2 V9.5 database, which cannot be upgraded to V10.5. The Tivoli Storage Manager V6.2 and V6.3 servers were packaged with a DB2 V9.7 database, which can be upgraded to V10.5.

Deprecated Device types
From Tivoli Storage Manager Version 7.1, some device types are deprecated. It is recommended to not to use these device types anymore. You can still use these device types with Tivoli Storage Manager Version 7.1 but you should plan to migrate data to new devices before you upgrade to a later release of Tivoli Storage Manager in future. Deprecated device types from Tivoli Storage Manager Version 7.1 are 
    IBM TSM V7.1
  • 3490
  • 3570
  • WORM
  • QIC
  • DTF

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Automatic client failover for restore operations from replicated servers
From TSM version 7.1, the TSM clients can now automatically fail over to a  replicated/target servers to run restore operations, if the source replication server is unavailable. Limitation for this feature is that both the source and target replication servers and the client must be at V7.1. You can use only one failover server for each replicating node at any time. The client can recover data from the target replication server, but it cannot store data during failover processing.

File-space level collocation groups
From Tivoli Storage Manager Version 7.1, You can group file spaces that belong to a single node, which allows data for these file spaces to be collocated efficiently without requiring separate volumes for each file space. You should use DEFINE COLLOCMEMBER command to define members of a file-space collocation group. When you use file-space level collocation groups, you can group data for a limited set of file systems. Fewer volumes are required for the data and placement can be coordinated in the server storage hierarchy.

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Improved disk migration process for nodes with large number of file spaces
From Tivoli Storage Manager Version 7.1, you can improve the efficiency of the server by using file space level migration. Nodes with multiple large file spaces can take advantage of faster migration processing for random-access storage pools.

Shared memory for TSM database backup and restore operations
You can manually configure a Tivoli Storage Manager server, or use the instance configuration wizard, to use shared memory with DB2. This feature will reduce processor load and improve throughput, if the database backup performance is slow.

Immediate use of free space that is added to the server database
From Tivoli Storage Manager Version 7.1, newly added database directories are now available for immediate use and parallel I/O performance is improved. You can add directories to the database by using the EXTEND DBSPACE command. The updates for this operation include distributing data across all database directories and then reclaiming unused space and returning it to the system. Because redistribution operations take considerable system resources, plan ahead when you want to add space to the database. You must complete the process while the server is not handling a heavy load. A new server utility DSMSERV EXTEND DBSPACE is also available to perform the same function as the EXTEND DBSPACE command, while the server is offline.

EMC Centera availability on Linux x86_64 systems
You can now use EMC Centera for versions of Linux x86_64 that are supported by the Tivoli Storage Manager Version 7.1 server.

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New in TSM Operations Center V7.1
Starting from Operations Center V6.3.4, IBM has introduced a new web-based GUI tool to monitor and manage one or more TSM Servers. Adding to that new features have been added to Operations Center V7.1, some of them are
  • Register clients, and configure basic backup settings.
  • View the replication server configuration for a client.
  • Manually back up clients, storage pools, and the server database.
  • View activity log messages that are related to specific alerts, sessions, and processes.
  • View or cancel the sessions and processes that are in progress by using the Active Tasks view for servers.
  • View the sessions and processes that succeeded or failed.
  • Customize the settings for servers and clients by editing the server and client properties.
TSM Server components that are not supported from Version 7.1
  • The Administration Center & Tivoli Monitoring for Tivoli Storage Manager are not delivered in V7.1. You can use the V6.3.4 Administration Center & Tivoli Monitoring for Tivoli Storage Manager with any Tivoli Storage Manager V6.3 or later server.
  • Instead, you can use the Operations Center V7.1, a web-based interface for managing your storage environment. The Operations Center has many of the same functions as the Administration Center.

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