Change these Kernel parameters before installing TSM server on HPUX to prevent installation failures - Video Tutorial

To properly install and configure the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager on HP-UX systems, you should first change the default value of some kernel parameters in HPUX. If you did not update these kernel parameters with suggested values, the installation of DB2 and Tivoli Storage Manager might fail. If these values are not set and the installation is still successful, operational issues might still be encountered when using the server in the future. So, it is always recommended to do this step before the start of the TSM server installation. Remember that after this step you need to reboot the system to get the kernel parameters updated with the new values. The initial default recommended kernel parameters and their values are 
semume       -  4000
maxdsiz_64bit    -  8,589,934,592
msgmnb       -  2,097,152
msgmni               -  32,767
msgtgl       -  262,144

IF you forget to change these parameter values before installation of TSM V6 server, you can still update them later but needs reboot of the system. To know the exact parameter values that need to be changed for proper working of DB2 instance use the db2osconf utility to get preferred changes based on the size of your system. The utility checks the settings of the kernel configuration parameters and suggests updates to improve performance. Follow these steps to do this
  • Go to /opt/tivoli/tsm/db2/bin
  • Run ./db2osconf -h
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This gives an output based on your system settings and recommends to update the values as shown below
******************* System Resources ***********************

Physical RAM ==> 17158344704
Number of CPUS ==> 4
System Scale Factor ==> 4096.00

* Recommended HP-UX Kernel Parameters Based on this System *
nproc ==> 4112
maxuprc ==> 1371
max_thread_proc ==> 32767
maxfiles ==> 2048
maxfiles_lim ==> 65535
nflocks ==> 8192
ninode ==> 5734
msgmnb ==> 65535
msgtql ==> 3277
msgmni ==> 3277
semmns ==> 8193
semmni ==> 4096
semmnu ==> 4096
shmmax ==> 15442510234
shmmni ==> 4096
maxdsiz_64bit ==> 1900000000

****** Please Change the Following in the Given Order ******
WARNING[1]: maxuprc = 256. maxuprc should be set to 1371.
WARNING[2]: max_thread_proc = 1100. max_thread_proc should be set to 32767. 
WARNING[3]: maxfiles_lim = 4096. maxfiles_lim should be set to 65535. 
WARNING[4]: nflocks = 4096. nflocks should be set to 8192.
WARNING[5]: msgmnb = 16384. msgmnb should be set to 65535.  
WARNING[6]: msgtql = 1024. msgtql should be set to 3277. 
WARNING[7]: msgmni = 512. msgmni should be set to 3277. 
WARNING[8]: semmns = 4096. semmns should be set to 8193. 
WARNING[9]: semmni = 2048. semmni should be set to 4096. 
WARNING[10]: semmnu = 256. semmnu should be set to 4096. 
WARNING[11]: shmmax = 1073741824. shmmax should be set to 15442510234.
WARNING[12]: shmmni = 400. shmmni should be set to 4096.

As shown in the above output, you have to change those kernel parameter values accordingly. 

How to update Kernel Parameters for IBM TSM on HP-UX Video Tutorials

  • Login as Root, and run the sam command, (sam) is System Administration Manager.
  • Select Kernel Configuration.
  • Select Configurable Parameters.
  • Select the parameter that you want to change, and type the new value in the Formula/Value field and then Click OK.
  • Repeat these steps for all of the kernel configuration parameters that you want to change.
  • When you are finished setting all of the kernel configuration parameters, press x to exit 
After you change the values for the kernel configuration parameters, the HP-UX operating system might require reboot to get the new values activated.

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