IBM Tivoli Storage Manager TSM Administrator Certification Question and Answers - Part3

51) IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (Tivoli Storage Manager) reporting and monitoring feature does not have an option to create custom reports for Tivoli Storage Manager, however a client wants to create their own custom report. Which additional software is required to enable this feature?
A. Crystal Reports
B. Promodag Reports
C. MicroStrategy Reporting Suite
D. Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools
Correct Answer: D

52) What is the maximum number of copygroups that can be assigned to a management class?
A. one
B. two
C. three
D. no limit
Correct Answer: B

53) Which statement is true regarding a Policy domain?
A. A Policy domain has maximum two policy sets, and both have ACTIVE.
B. A Policy domain has several policy sets, and all of the policy sets can be considered ACTIVE.
C. A Policy domain has maximum two policy sets, and one is ACTIVE and the other is INACTIVE.
D. A Policy domain can have several policy sets, but only one policy set can be considered ACTIVE.
Correct Answer: D

54) What is the command to modify backup/archive retention parameter values?
A. Update domain
B. Update copygroup
C. Update mgmtclass
D. Update policyset
Correct Answer: B

55) What does RETVer specify?
A. the number of days to keep a backup copy
B. the number of days to keep an archive copy
C. the number of versions to keep for a backup
D. the number of versions to keep for an archive
Correct Answer: B

56) Which parameters should the backup copygroup have, to keep only the last backup copy of data indefinitely after the file has been deleted from the file system and a daily incremental backup has been completed?
A. verdeleted=0 retonly=nolimit
B. verdeleted=1 retonly=nolimit
C. verdeleted=1 retextra=nolimit
D. verextra=1 retextra=nolimit retonly=nolimit
Correct Answer: B

57) Which parameters should the copygroup have, to retain four inactive versions of a file when the file is available on client system?
A. veronly=4
B. retonly=5
C. verexists=4
D. verexists=5
Correct Answer: D

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58) Which statement described a device class?
A. A copy storage pool must be associated with two device classes.
B. Each storage pool can be associated with multiple device classes.
C. A device class is a collection of storage volumes chained together to create a storage hierarchy.
D. A device class is a set of storage devices with similar availability, performance, and storage characteristics.
Correct Answer: D

59) Which type of storage pool can use either a sequential access device class or a random access device class?
A. active-data pool
B. copy storage pool
C. primary storage pool
D. deduplicated data pool
Correct Answer: C

60) Given that active-data pools contain only active versions of client data, which statement is true about the use of active-data pools?
A. The use of active-data pools allows faster backups.
B. There is a reduction on the number of on-site volumes and an increase of off-site volumes.
C. There is a reduction of bandwidth utilization when moving files that are vaulted electronically.
D. Hierarchical storage management data can use active-data pools as a destination for migration.
Correct Answer: C

61) Assuming data belongs to a node that is a member of a policy domain which specifies the active- data pool as the destination for active data, to copy active versions of client backup files from primary storage pools to active-data pools, the COPY ACTIVEDATA command can be issued. Which alternative approach to this command can be used to accomplish the same result?
A. Use MOVE COPYDATA command.
B. Use the simultaneous-write function.
C. Use at least two parallel backup sessions.
D. Set MIRRORCOPYDATA option to YES on the primary storage pool.
Correct Answer: B

62) What is a characteristic of active-data pools?
A. It can accept use of Collocation.
B. It can use DISK or FILE device classes.
C. It can be used as a primary destination for backed-up files.
D. It can accept DESTROYED access mode on the pool volumes.
Correct Answer: A

63) Which option disables deduplication when using update stgpool?
Correct Answer: C

64) Which data CANNOT be deduplicated?
A. DB2 data
B. archive data
C. encrypted data
D. Tivoli Data Protection data
Correct Answer: C

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65) What happens when an administrator copies data from a deduplicated storage pool to a copy storage tape pool?
A. The process fails. Deduplicated data cannot be copied.
B. The deduplicated data is copied as deduplicated to the copy tape pool.
C. The deduplicated data is reduplicated and copied to the copy tape pool.
D. The deduplicated data is uncompressed but remains deduplicated and copied to the copy tape pool.
Correct Answer: C

66) A worldwide active bank has a requirement for their data be shredded after the data is disposed. What occurs during data shredding?
A. The data is deleted after expiration.
B. Only the backup data will be shredded.
C. All data will be shredded on given storage pools.
D. The deleted data is overwritten one or more times after it is deleted.
Correct Answer: D

66) Which two statements are true about shredding sensitive data? (Choose two.)
A. I/O response time is improved.

B. Performance for shredding data is faster.
C. Discovering and reconstructing data is easy.
D. Data is overwritten one or more times after it is deleted.
E. Shredding can be done either automatically or manually.
Correct Answer: D,E

67) You have to build and protect the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (Tivoli Storage Manager) server data for several clients with a secure environment. Which two statements are true for data shredding? (Choose two.)
A. The data is physically overwritten and is no longer readable.
B. Data which is shredded is difficult to discover and reconstruct.
C. The Tivoli Storage Manager client is able to restore the shredded data.
D. The shredding process can be done on the Tivoli Storage Manager client.
E. The process increases the complexity on the Tivoli Storage Manager server.
Correct Answer: A,B

68) An administrator observed that their IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server environment is presenting performance degradation during restore operation. He verified with support team that cache hit percentage should be increased to resolve this problem. Which command can help an administrator verify the current statistic of cache hit percentage?
A. query option
B. query db f=d
C. query log f=d
D. query buffpool
Correct Answer: B

69) An administrator of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager schedules a migration to move data from the DISKPOOL to TAPEPOOL for local sequential copy, but he also wants to keep the data on DISKPOOL for faster restore to improve performance. Which option will accomplish this task?
Correct Answer: B

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71) Which command should be used to install the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Client Acceptor services on a client system?
A. dsmcutil
B. dsmcinstall
C. dsmcadinstall
D. dsmcad install
Correct Answer: A

72) A new administrative schedule did not run when it was scheduled. What is the most likely cause?
A. the priority = 0
B. It was not active.
C. The node was not registered.
D. It was not associated with a node.
Correct Answer: B

73) Which option should be enabled to back up a raw volume during a scheduled backup?
A. image.raw
B. include.image
C. rawbackup yes
D. enablerawbackup
Correct Answer: B

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74) Which command can be used to add an unlabeled tape to an automated library if autolabel=no, and make it available as a scratch tape?
A. dsmclabel
B. label libvol
C. checkout libv
D. define volume
Correct Answer: B

75) Which select statement will give the count of the scratch volumes available within the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager?

A. SELECT SUM(*) FROM volumes WHERE status='scratch'
B. SELECT COUNT(*) FROM volumes WHERE status='scratch'
C. SELECT SUM(*) FROM libvolumes WHERE status='Scratch'
D. SELECT COUNT(*) FROM libvolumes WHERE status='Scratch'
Correct Answer: D

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