How to install and configure Tivoli Storage Manager server V5.5 on windows - Video Tutorial

TSM Server Base releases are only available on the Passport Advantage site or on CDs. Fix packs are only available for download from the FTP site. Fix packs are installed the same way as base release packages. You do not need to reinstall license or language packs for fix packs. Tivoli Storage Manager provides a minimal configuration option, which includes a quick-installation procedure

Installing TSM Server 5.5 on Windows

1. Ensure that you are logged on to Windows with a user name having administrator authority.

2.  Go to the directory where TSM Software package are located and double click the setup .exe file.

3.  Then Choose Demonstration Language dialog appears. Accept the default or select a language for the Tivoli Storage Manager installation dialogs and click OK.

4.  The Tivoli Storage Manager Server Main Menu appears. Click Install ProductsThen Install Products dialog appears

5.  Click TSM ServerThen Welcome to InstallShield Installation Wizard for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager appears. Click Next.

6. Follow each window step by step to install the following TSM componenets.
  • Tivoli Storage Manager Server.
  • Tivoli Storage Manager Licenses.
  • Tivoli Storage Manager language packs.
  • Tivoli Storage Manager device driver, or the IBMTape device driver
7.  After installing TSM Server software follow the steps in below video to create initial TSM Server database, recovery logs and disk storagepool.
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8. A typical Tivoli Storage Manager installation involves one server instance in the Tivoli Storage Manager server machine. You might want to install a second instance. You might also want to run more than one server on a large machine if you have multiple tape libraries or a disk-only configuration.

9. After you install and configure the first Tivoli Storage Manager server, use the Server Initialization wizard to create additional Tivoli Storage Manager server instances on the same machine.

TSM Server 5.5 Installation & Configuration Video Tutorial

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