How to install and configure IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM) BA client - Video Tutorial

The TSM Backup-Archive client helps you protect information on the workstation. Using Tivoli Storage Manager, you can maintain backup versions of your workstation files that you can restore if the original files are damaged or lost. You can also archive workstation or server files that you do not currently need, preserve them in their current state, and retrieve them when necessary.

The installer displays the exact amount of disk space that is required for each program feature. Ensure that there is enough disk space on the destination drive for the files you choose to install. The installation program will not install to a destination drive with insufficient disk space.

If you do not have a dsm.opt file, a setup wizard is launched automatically when you start the GUI. The setup wizard can help you configure an initial options file. 

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We can access Tivoli Storage Manager backup and archive features:
  • Locally through the backup-archive client graphical user interface (GUI).
  • Locally through the client command line interface.
  • Remotely or locally through the Web client interface

Installing TSM BA Client and Configuring dsm.opt file Steps

1.  Go to the directory where the TSM BA Client software is located and start the .exe file.

2.  There are 2 setup types - Typical & Custom.

3.  Choosing Typical installs the minimum necessary to provide normal backup and archive functions. This includes the Backup-Archive Client, the API Runtime files, and the Web Client.

4.  Choosing Custom takes you to the Custom Setup window. From this window, you can click on any program feature icon to modify that feature if it is not mandatory for installation. You can select from the following program features:
  • Backup-Archive Client
  • Backup-Archive Client GUI Files (cannot be deselected)
  • Backup-Archive Client Web Files (cannot be deselected)
  • Client API Runtime Files (be deselected)
  • Client API SDK Files (Optional)
  • Administrative Client Command Line Files
  • Logical Volume Snapshot Agent (LVSA) (Optional; not enabled by default)
  • Language Support
5. Now follow the next screens step by step as it shows. 

6. After installing TSM BA Client software we have to configure dsm.opt file for taking backup as shown in the below video.

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